Bugatti OG Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 22% - 25%

Bugatti OG is an indica dominant phenotype of the classic OG Kush strain that is often said to be the ultimate OG breed. Smooth long-lasting effects and a powerful 22-25% THC level make Bugatti OG a patient favorite worldwide. This high starts with an almost immediate cerebral head rush immediately after toking with an uplifted and incredibly euphoric feeling that just keeps building without becoming overwhelming. You'll feel laser focused with a sense of motivation and creative energy yet slightly lazy with a relaxing body buzz. In this pain-free state, you may find yourself lost in your own thoughts but still able to function and focus on any task at hand. These long-lasting effects make Bugatti OG a patient favorite for treating conditions such as chronic pain, chronic stress, muscle spasms or cramps, and nausea. The Bugatti OG taste is just as delicious as its effects, with a sweet earthy honey flavor that has a delicious hint of pine to it as you continue to smoke. The aroma is slightly more pungent, with a delicate earthy diesel that has a skunkiness to it. This bud has thick and lumpy super dense forest green nugs with lots of dark olive green leaves, thin amber hairs, and a thick frosty coating of fine amber hued trichomes and super sweet sticky resin.
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Super chill mode with focus, I was about to start inventing all kind of things, then I remembered I was just high AF! Then I went to the wrong domino's pizza because I ordered from one all the way across town about 15mi. Shouldn't of been driving I know but was hungry lol. It wasn't ready when I got there anyway so I ordered taco bell right next door then scooped it up went home and forgot about the pizza so had to run all the way back and it was cold AF! but I shared it with my homes anyway lol. This Bugatti OG is dope AF!

Coming from a seasoned veteran smoker, it does not take much to get where you need to go with this strain. It has a taste that reminds me of that of a honey dutch master almost (you old school smokers out there will defo know what I mean) that quickly evolves into sweet earthy tones kind of with a almost aftertaste of honey sweet flavor that finishes on as mild peppery note that is very smooth from start to finish; the smoke is also very easy on the lungs. The effects are immediate and hard hitting; it hits in the head like a sativa, but has a very heavy hit to it like an indica that travels downwards slowly like molasses, creeping ever so slowly into a happy couchlock that causes a mild case of munchies but you wont be cleaning out your fridge. This is best to enjoy after a hard days work when you wanna kick back and relax in the evening. It also is perfect for insomnia. 25% THC flower solid. This strain is a heavy leaning indica with strong potency so it may not be best for beginners. It can even catch seasoned smokers off guard.

Bugatti hits with an energetic/lazy feeling. It makes you relaxed and focused at the same time. I’m loving it. No regrets!!! L.Davis037 5/19/19

The Strain was super smooth to hit, tasted amazing, and the high hit immediately. It was good for my pain, insomnia, anxiety, appetite.... you name it, it works for it. Not to mention it's a gorgeous strain

Very potent tasty strain for the eventhe. The high sets on quick with the powerful head buzz dropping to the body. Better than i thought it'd be definitely recommend.

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