Candy Jack Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 27%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

Candy Jack is the super-potent end result of a crossbreed between the famed sativa Jack Herer and the sativa-dominant Cotton Candy. This Cannabis Cup winner has THC levels that can hit 27%, making it easily one of the strongest strains in the world. CBD content, on the other hand, is low, less than 1%. The sativa genes dominate in Candy Jack, as they do in its parent strains (the exact ratio of sativa to indica in Candy Jack is unknown). That means a strong, peppy, energetic cerebral high with creativity and a shot of euphoria. Expect sharp mental focus while using this medical strain. The aroma is earthy while the flavor is sweet with hints of citrus. The best applications for this medicine include anxiety, depression, asthma, spinal cord injury, migraines, and chronic pain, as well as headaches. Candy Jack is also effective at inducing hunger in patients with wasting disorders. The downside includes frequent dry mouth and occasional dry eyes, headaches, paranoia, and dizziness. Look for this sought-after strain on the West Coast and Nevada. Elsewhere it's relatively scarce, though it can probably be found on the black market in some places.
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Did some crumble wax and it hit me so hard in the mind I thought I would die from the mental clarity. Beware. I felt a saliva high more than indica.

Love Candy Jack. Use it to treat MS symptoms, and it works quickly and very well. Tastes wonderful, Relieves fatigue like a champ. Great for treating inflammation and cramping. Very uplfting, creative buzza, Good for focus.

Hit me in the head hard! All head High. Perfect for daytime use.

3.4 from ........ B it starts with a b, and has a big B as its logo just cant remember name offhand-will correct laterin WA 14.2% thc (the lowest ive ever legally bought) however it wasnt as bad as expected, it had the terpinolene taste and a pleasant cerebral high, worth the price, I think like 8 bucks OTD. I was hoping for more of the cotton candy would show itself, but I deff got more of the JH on this one.

nice, smooth, really love it, although I am vaping from the cartridge...I´d love to try the herb, but there is none around where I live...sweet taste, actually a candy flavor, nice clean high that allows you to carry on with stuff...

I got space monkey meds candyjack and thought it was a snide bit of bud would advise to stay well clear of space monkey meds candyjack

This is a strain that has the best version of Jack Herrer that is paired with Afghani Skunk. A classic combination for that brings out the best of both.

Love candy jack. Gives you a nice buzz & energy to get things done

I learned so much. This was an anigma to be prior to having read this. This plant has many uses and helps treat things. This is very fascinating to me.

The buds of Candy Jack are tight w rusty red tint Stinky flowers Been liking tge kick of the Jack descedants Chase my cares away

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