Jack Herer Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 55% Sativa / 45% Indica

THC: 15% - 24%, CBN: 1%

Jack Herer, also known as “The Jack,” “JH,” “Premium Jack” or “Platinum Jack” is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (55% sativa/45% indica) created through crossing the classic Haze X (Northern Lights #5 X Shiva Skunk) strains. One of the most famous buds on the planet, Jack Herer packs a lifted and energizing high that's perfect for a day when you need a little extra oomph to get up and moving. You'll feel the effects hit you almost as soon as you exhale, filling your brain with a lifted sense of clear-headed euphoria and motivation that's accented by a boost in creativity and focus. You'll find that conversations come easily in this state as you're inspired to talk about anything and everything from philosophy to your favorite foods. Combined with its high 15-24% average THC level, these effects make Jack Herer a great choice for treating chronic stress or anxiety, depression, headaches or migraines and chronic fatigue. This bud has a sweet and sour citrusy lemon flavor with a woody pine exhale. The aroma is said to be like Pine-Sol, with a lemony pine overtone accented by earthy herbs and spicy flowers. Jack Herer buds have oversized pepper-shaped bright neon green nugs with golden undertones, thick orange hairs and a coating of frosty golden-amber crystal trichomes.
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I've been looking forever for a strain that gives me energy and motivation to actually get out of bed (so flippin hard some days) and accomplish SOMETHING, anything, without anxiety. One long pull off Jack Herer about an hour before I needed to wake up didn't give me the needed burst of energy, but once I managed to get up - i had to use Trainwreck for that tempered with some CBD - I was more productive in the next few hours than I had been in a long time, and work seemed lighter, not such a big deal. I really hope it continues to have this effect! I will probably try mixing it with some Sour Diesel to see if that helps with the energy, maybe add some limonene. I didn't feel particularly euphoric, but just being able to do stuff helped my depression, and no anxiety! Focus fine, actually I'm more focused than usual. For me it lasted at least 5 hours - I dosed around 6 and was awake and doing things until 11 pm, but after that I slept fine. I'd highly recommend Jack Herer for productivity, focus, and stamina; others are better for mood lift and morning energy. Details: I am vaping the Golden Owl brand cart from the Cannabis Crew in Wakefield, MA. THC 334.8mg; CBD 22.2mg; CBN 13.8mg. No CBC or terpene data but flavors are diesel/earthy/dirt, a little pine, didn't taste any lemon.

Every time I've had jack herer, it's been amazing and incredibly memorable. The high isn't anything special after the first few hits, but it builds on itself in incredible ways and can be borderline psychedelic at the right dose. It's an amazing daytime strain, being great if you need a boost of energy or to help conversation flow. However, smoking too much can cause an almost uncomfortably strong high that will stop you from accomplishing very much. The buds themselves often smell VERY fruity and sweet, but can also be earthy, savory, and spicy. Depending on the phenotype, the smoke can taste similar to fruit punch, or it can be more like cookies and spices. Dabs of jack herer tend to be very syrupy and sweet, almost creamy. This is an excellent strain for almost any smoker. It's incredibly for depression and appetite loss, great for waking and baking, and also strong enough to please those with high tolerances. Even new smokers will find that this strain offers a great high without taking you too high too fast.

Got this at 420 Holiday in Longview, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog the Aging Ent's Tastings -- Brand: Cedar Creek Cannabis Strain: Jack Herer Sativa-dominant Hybrid --Potency Analysis: TTL 21. 77% THC 21. 77% CBD 0% -- This is FUCKING AMAZING MARIJUANA. Amazing! -- The crystals are just so thick and the orange hairs are so rich they stick together. It's a relatively dense nugget, and breaking it up left my fingers coated in crystals and hairs. Sticky and fresh. The nuggets took a bit of work to get apart, they were so tight. -- The smell is super potent, very citrusy and sharp. There's a deep pine aroma underneath it all and it seriously spread and stuck around. -- Flavors were deep in this, and I'll be honest.. I had to smoke 3 fat bowls of this before I felt I could pin down the taste. Bowl #4 was just because I wanted to get very stoned. Maybe all of them.

Thanks Josh. This Strain is so helpful for my condition. I have adrenal insufficiency which means my body does not make the cortisol it needs to live. Hydrocortisone is the prescribed medication the doctor gives me but it does come with a list of side effects, and some which I have suffered. Before taking medical marijuana I was prescribed 80 milligrams a day of hydrocortisone. The usual dose for a woman is around 30 milligrams daily. I'm happy to say I'm only taking 20 milligrams daily with the help of medical marijuana. I no longer have the bloating side effects, in fact I've been able to lose all my inflammation between diet and exercise. Before the medical marijuana I was in bed most of the day. I now belong to a gym and exercise 5 days a week. I feel my life is full again and I'm able to enjoy the things that I used to love to do.

Great sativa strain if you enjoy the flavors of orange & lime. Speedy & peppy but not overly so. I have a friend with relatively acute anxiety - he stays away from this one because it gets his heart racing, increases his paranoia & triggers anxiety attacks. But when I think of a racy sativa, white widow and Golden Goat are some of the first to come to my mind. Being an experienced "cannaseur" I prefer this in a concentrate like dry-sift rosin or wax --- the flower is weak with short-lived effects IMHO. Jack Herer is not the worst but it's also not my first choice when it comes to sativas (not far from dead last for me either though.) But try it for yourself if you normally enjoy sativas --- and if the sativa rush is not your norm? Probably best to keep your distance from the Jack.

THIS WEED ...Hmmm, This Weed is one of the best strains for introducing someone, ANYONE too grass. Very Unique aroma, flavor, and the high isn't too schizoid for a beginner. Not sure why I needed to say all that? Hey.,this is good fuckin' weed, so buy if you can, smoke it, oil it, or rub it in places only you or your lover knows, I don't care, just do it... Damn! Seriously, for me, this strain brings a very strong body high that KILLS PAIN and the depression caused by chronic pain. However, it is a blast socially, will have you laughing or hiding...lmao Peace, love, and light to all, Remember, your neighbor is not your enemy like some would have us believe. I say, join, not divide, love not hate...

I'm new to this research, and this was one of two strains I started vaping. My general disposition is somewhat irritable and confused and lack of focus. I can't sleep and I get annoyed if people need something from me. I was afraid that a sativa would only wreak havoc here with me, however, I started slowly with this and I just love it. I get complete clarity and magical creativity when I vape it. My stomach does get a bit anxious but only to a point that it makes me not want to eat, which is good for me as an emotional and bored eater. I love this stuff. It never blocked me from sleeping either, although I did gain energy I was simultaneously relaxed. Great feeling!

This strain is notorious on the West Coast! With countless medicinal benefits, this will always be one of those strains that is a go-to for me, simply because it's so flexible. I can use it during the day or at night. However, one thing I recently noticed while trying to get into my normal workflow rythym while using it, was that I couldn't quite get into that flow that I like, while doing my physically intense manual labor job; I was experiencing a mild amount of uncomfortable anxiety and a little brain-fog too. There also could have been outside forces that were at work, while I was at work, that contributed to these feelings though.

Jack Herer is America’s 🇺🇸 favourite strain and it originated in California. But the real reason this strain is named is because of 🍁marijuana activist Jack Herer 🍁 but he didn’t just smoke weed he medicated with it as well as a 🍁medical user🍁. Jack Herer is a sativa strain with a real heady feeling🤤. Focusing its 23% THC punch on your forehead, 🥊 and giving you spurring energy and a happy bubbly creative high. After 💨 smoking 💨 this strain multiple times I can really 🌲smell the pine tree smell from this plant 🌲 For those interested in the medical uses of this strain like our friendly stoner Jack Herer go to all bud

Ive noticed something with people who leave bad reviews. They either got lied to and bought dirt weed, or they are basically jealous they cant or haven't had it. This is not 100% true, but happens a lot more than not. There is no way someone could smoke this strain and others and possibly need a lot to get high. Someone sold them dirt weed, I would wager. Jack H is an excellent strain. Some people may not like the smell or flavor. But the effects cant be denied. Weed is not weed. Lineages matter. You cant get seeds from a subpar plant and grow premium bud. Premium creates premium. Dirt weed creates more dirt weed

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