Cookie Wreck Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 19% - 20%, CBD: 4%

Cookie Wreck, also known as “Cookie Trainwreck,” is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through crossing the insanely powerful Girl Scout Cookies X Trainwreck strains. This celebrity child packs a delicious flavor and a mind melting high that's full-bodied in nature and perfect for taming a variety of conditions. The Cookie Wreck high hits you first with a cerebral rush that boosts your mood and infuses you with a sense of euphoria. This high is extremely powerful and will often drop you into a state of deep introspection that leaves you feeling hazy and lazy with no hope of accomplishing anything anytime soon after you toke. With these heavy effects and its high 19-20% THC level and 2-4% CBD level, Cookie Wreck is a great choice for patients suffering from conditions such as nausea, insomnia, chronic pain, and migraines. Cookie Wreck has a sweet cookie vanilla flavor with a nutty fruity aftertaste and heavy hit of tasty pungency. The aroma is very powerful with a pungent overtone that's accented by sweet rotting fruit and a cookie nutty effect. Cookie Wreck buds have small round dark olive green nugs with bright amber hairs and a coating of chunky oversized crystal trichomes.
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Good taste and after smell sweet spicy aroma and has a taste of hash smoked in a glass type pipe great head buzz definitely recommend for marijuana enthusiasts keep it as a top 10 strain in your collection

I have not tried it yet. Your website will not let me get to the information I'm looking for

One great strain! If only this was a producer, it's small yield is great but not for the serious commercial grow as it only yields 1 to 3 oz on a small plant; worth growing but not if U wish to bank up. CW is prob my favorite strain to smoke, but not to grow, it's sweet fruity and nutty smell is fantastic. CW seems to last about 2 1/2 hrs no more than 3 hr's but is well worth the purchase price. I thought I was doing something wrong growing CW but it turns out that it's a terrible yield. Don't let the yield change your mind it is well worth it to have this great strain on hand.

one of favorite strains. love smell and effect

Absolutely floored me

Great strain all around medical strain for mental clarity, uplifted mood, anxiety, and sleep.

awesome strain! wonderful combination of head float and body buzz.

Killer taste, well balanced Med. Higher doses , looks like bedtime.

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