Critical + Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 23%, CBD: 1%

Critical +, which is also known as Critical Plus, is an evenly balanced hybrid of the famed Skunk and Big Bud (50:50 sativa/indica ratio). Winner of the first High Life Cup competition in Barcelona, this strain has high THC levels, upwards of 20% in some tests, while CBD is less than 1%. That makes this a good tool for treating depression and anxiety, as well as PTSD, fibromyalgia, ADHD, and migraine headaches. Critical + has a definite skunk aroma reminiscent of its parentage, with a sweet lime flavor. The bud has a snowy lime-green appearance, with strands of brown among the dense trichomes. The high is profoundly happy, with deep relaxation and a boost of creative euphoria. Side effects are usually very limited but can include dry eyes and headaches. Dry mouth is also possible. Critical + isn't yet common enough that it's easy to find, though it is developing a following. It's most popular in the Pacific Northwest and the Desert Southwest. It is usually much easier to find legally in states with medical marijuana than on the black market.
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#4 picked to early or something why so pistally? One star for that one.

Consumption Method: OthersEffects I Feel: MellowHelp Me With: Depression, Eye Pressure, Mood Swings

All of the mother plants are good with me. Love this one thou

This strain is so kind ! the smell and the taste are great! And the effects are also great! One of my favorite strains, becuase it makes you feel real good! No nasty side effects.

Small, slightly dense buds well packed with trichomes and red pistiils. Well cured and smooth to smoke either rolled or in glass. The high is like a perfectly balanced 50/50 Sativa-Indica hybrid, with both cerebral and physical effects in equal measures.

Outstanding. Smooth, tasty, powerful yet clean with no hangover. My favorite.

Nice and smooth

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