Critical Hog Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 24%

Produced by crossing Tennessee Hog with Critical Mass, Critical Hog is an excellent strain that is quite convenient to grow. It has a good growth resulting in a greenish brown coloured strain. The plant has a height ranging from 120cm to 160cm and has a yield of around 350p.s.m to 550p.s.m. It has a total flowering period of fifty days. Critical Hog is Indica dominant medicinal marijuana. Critical Hog has a nice aroma that is a blend of sweet floral and citrus flavours. You can feel the same flavours in its taste as well. It starts off with a strong citrus flavour that becomes sweet and has a floral hint towards the end. Its exact THC level is not known, but it has a moderate THC level. It is basically a creeper strain as it does not immediately hit you in the head and does not have a very strong buzz. Its buzz slowly takes over your body and has a relaxing effect on your system. This makes it appropriate to be used by the stress and depression patients. They can use it for relieving their stress and anxiety headaches. It has a soothing effect on mild pains as well.

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Great strain that I use all day round to help with my anxiety. It's not a ultra head buzz like some strains. More like a relaxer. The inhale is lemony tasting but for me the exhale is more of a pepper and slight floral. It's not a burnt Flavor just like a pepper burn

Pretty awesome buzz, slightly dry when I smoked, darker buds, some euphoria, some calm energy, relaxing

Very strong plant. Barely went over 1000 PPM at her peak and she was a beast. The seeds I popped gave me a slight of excellent smoke. Had no problems with rot and my buds were pretty big. My brother and wife love this bud and begged me to keep a mother. Creeper weed for sure, but doesn't make you sleepy either which is exactly what I look for in 80% of my weed. By the way huge yields if you scrog in 5 gal coco/perlite, you will not be disappointed.

I love this plant as a provider and a personal user. Seeds will provide some variety. The biggest yielding can get rot. My keeper has top notch HOG flavor and then some with giant just loose enough buds to not rot. My patients love this plant. It's a very happy painkiller. I do not understand the 50/50 indica/sativa. The breeder calls it a nearly pure indica. The HOG is indica. Critical Mass I always thought was 80/20 indica/sativa. Just saying.

The smoke is great. Very relaxing high. Helps put me to sleep. Not the easiest strain to grow. Yield was half of what the other two strains got. Great smoke and Iv got a few more beans and will give these another try.

Very good, smooth, little to no coughing when in a joint. Strong head high even though it's only 18%

Wicked smoke smooth tastes great good work everybody well done ! Woot Woot! !

Best yielding strain I have grew yet 4 plants in dwc scroged under 760 watt cob led I got 1.5lbs dry weight

😜 😬 😀 🕙 😜 😁 😀 🕚

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