Dragon Crack Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

An intense and potent sativa dominant strain, this hybrid is the result of two very powerful strains, Black Dragon and Green Crack. The effects of this strain start to show as soon as it sinks in. Within minutes, a strong and calming feeling will wash over you, giving you mental relief. The strain lasts for about 90 minutes and will leave you with a strong body buzz. It works well to relieve pain, cure muscle spasms and reduce stress. The tangy lemon aroma and the sweet lime flavor will have you craving for more and just a few tokes of this zesty marijuana strain will not seem enough to satisfy you. The plant of Dragon Crack strain has indica leaves with dark green hues and sativa leaves coated in shades of lime-green. The nuggets are dense and green with a coating of brown hair. The light and heady buzz of the strain makes it an ideal option for novice smokers who are looking for a way to release stress. However, they should be ready to eat lots after the effect of the strain is over as it leaves one feeling ravenous.
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very powerful strains, love it sweet smooth relaxing!!!! joeboy

One a the most intense taste and high i ever experience .... simply fantastic.

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