G Stik "RED" Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

G Stik "RED" is a pre-rolled GFarmaLabs production available in hybrid, sativa and indica strains. It is a must-have for people with with a tough routine, the rolling time being eliminated; a quick solution to do away with anxiety and stress. The legendry cone is produced from 100% indoor indica, sativa or indica-sativa hybrid flowers, inviting you to draw pure floral fragrance with style and grace. G Stik "RED"'s exclusivity is symbolized with its rich heritage. It is a purely medicinal product aimed to improve the lifestyle values and quick relaxation. All the characteristics associated with the color red - energy, passion, aggression, leadership, romance, courage, and excitement - are endowed to its smoker. G Stik "RED" is symbolizes the upper class lifestyle, so when you draw it, don't be surprised to see people from the Opera House smoking area milling about you. The endless taste of your favorite indica, sativa, or hybrid satisfies your craving with its unparalleled originality. Prepare your taste buds for a perfect blend of your favorite flowers and say goodbye to anxiety and stress.
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