G Stik "Rosado" Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 25%

G Stik "Rosado" is primarily a sativa strain. Unlike other sativa strains, it has an exceptionally high THC content which exceeds 25%. Even though the buds do not look like much at first, upon closer inspection they prove exquisite as they are bright green in color with good crystal and trichome coverage. But that is not all. It is not as sticky as other sativa strains. On the other hand, the strain does not have much to offer in terms of taste and smell. It is flowery but that is not enough to tempt cannabis users to give it a try. The strain does not tire you out but will in fact energize you beyond measure. You will find it easier to concentrate and focus thus being able to get things done. This alone is more than enough reason for you to use as a daytime strain. There is no doubt that G Stik "Rosado" is the perfect wake and bake strain. The high will make you feel euphoric and happy which is just what you will need to remain productive of the rest of the day. But that is not all. The strain is equally effective at treating patients suffering from depression, anxiety and depression.
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