Goldwing Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 16%

Goldwing is a very beautiful looking Sativa marijuana strain. It has a brownish and green color and is covered with yellow hairs. The strain has a 0.29 percent CBD level and about 15 percent to 16 percent THC level. The strain gives a prominent Sativa high that strongly impacts your system. Its smoke is pure and has a powerful effect on the body. It makes you feel euphoric and happy, and also clear-headed at times. It has a wonderful and fresh aroma that had a minty scent. The taste of Goldwing is excellent too and has a minty aftertaste. It makes you feel fresh and cheery. Goldwing is most suitable for providing relief from extreme fatigue. It calms down your entire system, making you feel relaxed and peaceful. You can also use it for soothing stress and anxiety. Though it relaxes you, you don't feel drowsy and are able to think clearly even while smoking it. People suffering from frequent nausea also use Goldwing for soothing their condition. It has a long lasting effect on your body and takes a few hours to completely dissipate. It should be smoked in a small amount at first and its quantity should be increased with time. It can result in dry eyes and mouth.
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