Grand Poobah Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

This indica-heavy choice is a cross between the potent sativa Purple Diesel and Granddaddy Blueberry, an indica-dominant hybrid. Don't look too hard for information about Grand Poobah; there isn't much out there. It's described as a good strain for chronic pain, insomnia, and poor appetite. It can also treat anxiety and mood disorders. The buds are densely packed and sticky, with a heavy coating of trichomes. The smell is skunky, while the grape flavor harks back to this strain's Purple ancestry. It's an open question how much of this strain is indica and how much is sativa. The same goes for the CBD and THC contents of Grand Poobah. The high is relaxing but energized, with a heavier focus on body effects. Likely side effects include dry mouth and red eyes, though others are possible. Though it would be easier to find on the legal market, and is probably more common on the West Coast, it isn't widely available anywhere. It's not especially noteworthy as a medical strain, but some patients may find that it helps with their physical symptoms.
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Very relaxing.

Very good strain,

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