Huckleberry Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 15% - 24%

Huckleberry also known as “Ackleberry,” is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with 19% THC content which does not seem to be much at first. Even though little is known about the strain and its origins, it is known for a fact that Huckleberry has been produced by crossing two heavy hitting sativa strains. The buds are beautiful, dense, sticky, and have good trichome coverage. Additionally, you will notice tiny hairs amidst the greens, thus giving it its distinct look. The taste and smell are no different, but one thing is for certain: it is mouthwatering to say the least. The hybrid is specifically known for its berry aroma and taste and will leave a sweet aftertaste that lingers in your mouth for quite some time. Unlike other sativa strains, Huckleberry will not put you to sleep. It will in fact awaken you and overcome your senses in a matter of minutes after which you will feel extremely euphoric. It is an uplifting strain nonetheless and you will be able to focus on things more easily. On the other hand, you will not panic easily as the clear-headedness will allow you to overcome any obstacles thrown your way. On the other hand, the strain has several medical applications as well. Huckleberry is most notably used for treating patients suffering from mood disorders, hyperactivity, anorexia, anxiety and migraines as well.
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The dispensary recommended "Alien" Huckleberry as I was interested in something similar to Mac. Hearing "alien" immediately caught my attention, being a great admirer of anything alien (if you know what I mean xp). I think this one is especially perfect for today's crazy times. It Is very relaxing, I'm feeling pretty happy-satisfied right now after smoking 2 min ago. I'm also feeling pretty focused maintained with maturity. Focus on that anxiety-draining, deep breathing! I love it and you will too! I guarantee it. Man's honor. Also remember to maintain any anxiety by concentrated deep-breathing.

I love berry strains and when I saw Huckleberry, I knew I had to try it. This has surpassed Blue Dreams as my favorite medical strain. Two hits and I felt damn good and pain-free half the day.

Excellent, Excellent Excellent. Hits high in the looks, smell, taste and effects departments. Extremely well balanced and best enjoyed on a Saturday afternoon or after the work day is over and you just want to relax but do small tasks.

Super 🔥🔥 covered in heavy crystals with a hint of lavendar color. Very tasty

I bought this yesterday at my dispensary. Colorado Best Budz. I have chronic pain all of the time some worse than other's I like it takes the pain away headaches etc. I give it 100%.

It's really a balanced hybrid? I always thought it was a sativa dom. Oh well. Great happy energizing effects that are perfect for waking me up when I'm feeling lazy in the afternoon. And that flavor - super sweet blueberries, almost like blueberry jam or something!

It is great stuff!

First time growing it. Like it a lot. Very "up". Not as physical as Indica dominant plants. The odor reminded me of Blueberry.

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