I-95 Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 19% - 20%

I-95 is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through a powerful cross of the infamous Triangle Kush X (Legend OG X Stardawg IX2). With a THC level that easily tops 19-20% on average and a multitude of long-lasting effects, I-95 is the perfect choice for any balanced hybrid lover. The I-95 high rolls in with a creeping effect, sneaking up behind the eyes before launching you into a state of happy focus. Your mind will clear itself while you feel an influx in creative energy and motivation, making this bud perfect for when you need a little help to get going on a project or two. A relaxing physical state will remain throughout the duration of the high, keeping you completely at ease without weighing you down in the slightest. With these heavy effects and its high THC level, I-95 is often chosen to treat conditions such as depression, chronic pain, loss of appetite, and chronic stress. This bud has a sour pungent diesel flavor that will leave you coughing after just one toke. The stench can fill a room as soon as you open the nug jug with heavy smells of diesel and pungent earth. I-95 buds have dense light green nugs with long thin dark amber hairs and a coating of super thick frosty tiny white crystal trichomes.
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Love this for motivation when I need it, great for day time. For reference I’m an Indica lover, I dont tred far usually.

Got this strain as some Live Badder from Green Dot in Colorado. Consistency was a malleable solid. Color was a light yellow/golden yellow. Smell had sweet tones to it, with gassy one's as well. Taste was pure garlic, which I loved. High is a nice hybrid one. Gives you a good physical head high along with some energy but also a heaviness behind the eyes. Body wise, it's heavy. Not a sleepy heavy but definitely one where you don't feel like doing much.

Just picked up an 8th of i95 from the cultivator Binske out here in Las Vegas. Named it after the interstate ? I was like..lol ill try it. Soon as i opened the jar my nose was hit with a suuuper unique complex scent profile. A real pungent earthy fuel type with a hint of lemon pine cleaner that kind of tingles the back of the nose. The nugs are suuuper like neon green and looks almost fuzzy because of how thickly coated in crystals it is. Real tight and spiky looking with dark red orange hairs on each lil triangle bulb of bud. I just took 2 back to back bong rips, and I AM DRAXXED. Eyes feel real focused and a lil itchy. Have a resinous sugary pine tree taste in the back of my throat. Def a cerebral punch forsure. My ear are even ringing a little bit lol Batch came in HOT @ 29%THC ! Very nice job, 5 stars all around on this i95 by Binske

I’m a heavy smoker from day to day, and this strain has to be my favorite. It is absolutely perfect for any mood and has a warm thick effect on the body and mind. Total calm and pain free for almost 2 hours, whereas my typical high lasts about an hour, less if I eat. It is very potent, so I suggest doing a small dose at first and increasing, or share with some friends!

Perfect balance. Very happy strain.

Gorgeous tight, bright green buds, absolutely coated in trichomes. Smells floral and skunky and complex, with some faint citrus. Tastes like concentrated race car fuel vapors. Pungent, nearly overwhelming smoke with immediate lung expansion. Cough inducing. Intense and immediate full spectrum hybrid effects. Nearly overpowering cerebral stimulation with time dilation on the outset, followed by a strong and long lasting, almost narcotic physical euphoria. 29.8% thca on the batch I have.

promotes a calm space, body, and mind, but there are similar strains out there.

Awesome with smooth rides throughout the high

Over was good. I would not recommend this strain for Anxiety though.

Head and body. The best of both worlds. Buckle up for safety.

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