Jimi Hendrix Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Jimi Hendrix is Sativa dominant cannabis that is produced by mating three strains together: Sugar Skunk, Madonna and Purple Haze. It is rated as a grade B+ strain by most of its users and produces light green colored leaves and buds of the same color that are covered with dull orange colored curly hair. It has a good potency, but its exact THC level is not known. It has a mild high that calms your nerves and makes you feel relaxed. The mellow high makes this strain a good cure for depression, anxiety and stress. As it soothes your nerves, it relieves the symptoms of depression and makes you feel calm. The medical patients of chronic pain can also use Jimi Hendrix for treating their terrible aches. It has a sweet aroma that has a hint of lemon scent. Its taste is quite nice too, and is a blend of sour lemon and sweet flavors. It energizes you as well, so it is a good strain to smoke when you are in the mood to go for a long run.

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