Sugar Skunk Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

The genetics of Sugar Skunk are a little unclear, but this strain is known to be an indica-heavy hybrid (sativa/indica ratio unknown). It's a potent, pleasant choice for late nights and lazy days in front of the tube. Specific THC values are scarce, so it's hard to say just how potent this strain is, but it's definitely up there. The same can't be said about CBD contents, however, since the lack of public data suggests very low concentration. Patients who need that cannabinoid to treat seizures or other conditions shouldn't use Sugar Skunk as their only means of marijuana treatment. Rather, this strain produces a strong, happy body buzz that's ideal for medicating anxiety, nausea, and everyday stress. The aroma from Sugar Skunk is sweet and dank while the flavor is bittersweet, with citrus notes. The nugs are dense and dark green in appearance. Side effects are possible with any marijuana strain, and while there are few details on this one, they probably include cottonmouth and red eyes. Patients may find Sugar Skunk in medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado and Southern California.
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GREAT daytime strain. Kicks my anxiety away and relaxes me. But it's energizing so I can get things done. I'll picking it up as I find it!!!! Happy, relaxed, energized, & giggly. One of my favorite strains. With the low CBD, I usually vape that in between for the benefits. I have PD, a hip and back injury, migraines, PTSD from 2 assaults, and arthritis. Method: Vape

Great bud smokes smooth tasty nice high

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