Johnny Quest Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Are you looking for a killer strain that can put your mind at ease while retaining your focus? Johnny Quest is a sativa dominant hybrid, which is known to enhance focus alongside a sweet ecstatic feeling. The strain is famous for its sweet, slightly acidic and sour aroma that stings your senses. Many smokers have reported using this strain to achieve a perfect focus for engaging in both recreational and work activities. The strain is perfect to be used in the daytime, unlike many other marijuana strains. Those looking to have a relaxed body after a tiring day can use Jonny Quest as a fatigue remedy. In addition, the strain also allows smokers to have a clear, energized and productive mind. Thus, Johnny quest is more than just recreational marijuana; it is a perfect solution for getting things done! The strain does not offer any significant side effects; however, it is recommended that you practice caution. Its high potency can relieve pain and anxiety, but the effects can vary from smoker to smoker. Heavy smokers usually experience different effects than the beginners. If you are smoking Johnny Quest for the first time, start slow and gradually increase your dose.
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Made me very focused and very relaxed.

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