Kashmir Kush Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Kashmir Kush is a strong Indica dominant marijuana strain that is produced by mating Purple Pig with Barney's Feminized Vanilla Kush. It is created by the Guru Seeds Company. It is a potent strain but its exact THC level isn't known yet. It has big sized dense buds that are green in color and are covered with trichomes that have a gold and red color. It has a lovely aroma that is a blend of lavender, lemon and vanilla flavors. Its taste is quite nice and pleasant too and is a lovely mixture of lavender, vanilla, earthy and citrus flavors with a strong hint of orange and lemon flavors. Its floral aroma gets herbal twist towards the end. It has a smooth and thick smoke that slowly takes over your system. It makes you feel euphoric and energized. It has a powerful and long lasting high. This strain is excellent for providing relief from stress and anxiety. As it soothes your body, it mitigates the symptoms of depression. Kashmir Kush is a good antidote for relaxing muscles and can treat muscle spasms and different types of pains as well.
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With the exception of Wedding Cake, this is my new favorite. I was surprised at how quickly my mind and body relax with this and the effects are long lasting.

This strain makes my body feel euphoric, like all of your pain melts away. My mental is clear and focused. I read that it's great for ptsd, anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal issues/pain, etc. and it rings true for me. I usually have painful periods but I don't even feel the cramping this time. This is my new favorite strain ❤️

Smokes great. Great for back pain but if you don’t like a floral after taste, I wouldn’t recommend. Tastes a little funny in my opinion.

mellow yellow,comes on slow and low,until you realize ,you are freaking stoned ,and feels more fuzzy than buzzy. but the high frequency micro buzz ,underneath the relaxing stone lasted thru out,and best part of her is ,she is a long legged ''race horse''.3 hours later ,you realize,you are still freaking high and very tired/lazy-sleeeepeeey.

One of my top favorites the only strain that has worked for my fibromyalgia and lupus pain it’s energizing without being too hyper yet relaxing and giggly it’s a must try! I’m a heavy smoker using high thc % and 100’s of strains ..happy smoking 👍🏼😍👌🏾😍👌🏿😍👌🏻

Great strain, excellent taste and aroma... definitely one of my favourites. I got my Kashmir Kush at Seed King seedking .com/products/kashmir-kush

My favorite put me right to sleep the best yet...can wait to get more

I purchased an 1/8 yesterday in Oakridge, OR. It was labeled as having 29.77% THC and 0.67% CBD. I thought with such a high THC rating that it would have more punch. It's taste is awesome, it's one of the best tasting strains that I have had. It tastes just like the Lemon Pledge/ Pine that so many of us like. As far as the effect I am daily smoker and have been one for a long time. Someone with less tolerance might have a stronger reaction.

Super Awesome Taste

Super fuckin high

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