Lemon Skunk X Maui Wowie Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Lemon Skunk x Maui Wowie is Indica dominant hybrid produced by crossing legendary Maui buds. It is grade A+++ strain and has dark green colored buds that are covered with red colored hair and crystals. It is a very potent strain and its potency is rated as 10/10 by most of the tokers. This shows that it has a high THC level, but the exact value remains unknown. It has a very strong effect on your system that lasts for a minimum of two hours. It makes you feel very drowsy as soon as you begin smoking it. It has a strong lemon flavored aroma with an earthy hint. Lemon Skunk x Maui Wowie has a lovely taste that is a blend of lemon and pine flavors. The pine aftertaste makes it an extremely pleasant strain to smoke. Due to its strong, calming effect on your body, it is a good cure for pain and stress. Your symptoms of depression easily become alleviated when you begin using it. Its side-effects include couch-lock.
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Just smoked some. Its really good. I want more but i don't feel like going to pick some up right now.This is definitely a strain that i would recommend for coming home from work, school, or anywhere shitty, and pack a bowl, roll it up, use a bong, roll a joint, or whatever suites your needs and, smoke.

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