Lemon Thai Kush Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 20%

Lemon Thai Kush is probably better known as simply Lemon Thai; real stoners tend to drop the formal "Kush." But the full name indicates just how strong this plant's genes are. This strain likely can trace its ancestry back to the Kush Mountains of Afghanistan by way of Lemon Kush, and also to an original Thai landrace sativa. No one seems to know the exact parentage of Lemon Thai Kush, but the result is a sativa-dominant hybrid with an unclear ratio of sativa to indica. This strain has a sweet lemony taste and an aroma of citrus fruit. The buds are long and have a bright green appearance. The THC and CBD contents are likewise mostly a mystery, at least outside the circles that grow and sell Lemon Thai. Expect a powerfully uplifting head high with euphoria and happiness. The effects are energizing and can spark creativity. Use it to treat anxiety and depression, as well as migraines and body pains. Many patients experience dry mouth and red eyes, while dizziness is also a possibility. Lemon Thai, though popular among those who have smoked it, isn't very common in the United States. It can be found in Michigan, Washington, Oregon, and is also sold in British Columbia.
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AWESOME most delicious would love to Have Many Pounds of this Strain.

long lasting high easy to grow great for daytime use vary rare tho

Try just one or two tokes in the day time. It is a cerebral trip, the mind flies. If you get to 6-8 good tokes it will hammer you. Four stars!

Awesome strain for pain

It the.best I have had yet!

The taste of this stuff is so good like sweet and herby and peppery and savory. Reminds me of the seasoning you put on a good steak, only with bonuses. It’s a fast-hitter and pretty well-balanced between body and mind. All around a good strain.

I'm from USA. Mi. I have this weed plant. Its one of my best I had ever seen grow s so. Fast and big bud fast . i buyd a Got a seed from off line i think it was. (s idk farm . from Mr green Thumb Saginaw Michigan by Bay City

Very big plant with tons of buds all over, definitely need to LST this girl inside grow. Very very happy with this strain. Definitely good to have in your array of buds to choose from

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