Thai Marijuana Strain

Sativa Strain Sativa

THC: 20% - 24%

Also known as Thai Stick or Thailand. The term "Thai" refers less to a specific strain than it does to a group of strains descending from a sativa landrace in Thailand. Thai strains are pure sativa, with a 100:0 sativa/indica ratio and a typically potent cerebral high that adds pep to a busy day. Also known as "Thai Sticks" because Thai marijuana farmers traditionally lash harvested buds into sticks for drying. The original Thai strains have given rise to a host of popular hybrids, including Haze, Voodoo, and Juicy Fruit. The head high is focused and energizing, powerful but calming, with strong euphoria and clear-headed effects. It's an upbeat strain, good for combatting fatigue, ADHD, and anxiety. Thai has a distinct lemon scent and flavor, with additional notes of wood and spice present in the aroma. The THC levels vary by location, breeder, and crop, but they can top 23% in some plants. CBD levels, on the other hand, are very low, typical for a sativa. There are few reports of negative effects, though dry mouth is always possible. Thai is most popular in the Pacific Northwest, and can also be found in California. Elsewhere, like most pure strains, it's scarce.
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Back in 1969 a good friend returned home to the US from Thailand with what he said was cooking herb that came from up in the mountains. I was familiar with Thai stick and it was good, but nothing like this cooking herb. I have had weed from all over the world, but this was the best ever. One toke and you new you had something special. A second toke and you were in flight. A third toke and you were on your own. Oh how I would love to have some of that again.

Love it very smooth relaxing fresh earthy fruit taste. Perfect anytime for relieving stress and pain. Good anytime of day and perfect for socializing with friends.

I am growing thai landrace pure sativa got seeds from Fish Food Seeds dot com I know the owner he personally got seeds from Thailand there are also seeds from Laos . The plant is big and the hairs are everywhere . I'm very excited to try real Thai . Thnks From Lewis

OK, this weed is not going to smell like a hybrid or most Indicas. It is a pure Sativa, and very much hits you like the great Thai of old. My son is a medical marijuana patient. I've told him for a long time about Thai and how good it used to be. Finally, we found a grower and supplier here in WA. After just two hits my son exclaimed, "this is my new favorite weed!" I agree, there is no other weed I've found that has such a great high. It gives you lots of energy, doesn't fog your brain, and gives you the strong desire to get out and do something fun and maybe even thrilling. If you smoke too much, then of course you might crash, but done right it is the best. Another thing, it doesn't give you a weed hangover, as so many other strains do. After about two hours, you might think that you hadn't smoked any weed since the day before. Really, no lingering let down. Just ready to do it all over again. When my son and me first rediscovered Thai, we smoked a couple hits, and we laughed for two hours. The best in my opinion, better than Green Crack, Gummo, Aloha, etc, etc. The more I use Thai, the more I am convinced that Thai is really the only weed I desire.

mane this strain set me off. it allowed me to see beyond the stars and more!! i love it!!!

The fact that you guys are talking about it like it's sold at a supermarket gives me anxiety. So much anxiety! More anxiety than Being in Thailand and not having found a single bit of Thai weed that wasn't a bag of soil. 😥😨

Bought some Thai 30 years ago which was very pricey for only 1 1/2 joints. Became so angry while unraveling that red string not only because of the texture but also its color ( Similar to dirt weed ). After smoking it all in anger I literally vomitted. That high was so undefinably intense. It is a legendary weed to say the least!!

Love this review. Very informative. Thia has been one of my favorites for many many years. The relive symptoms were very informative. Thank you.

Amazing Sativa. When fresh it's pure Nirvana!

Great if you like a big head high. This stuff made my mind race to the point of a headache.

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