Lowryder Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 20%

The Lowryder Strain has a 20% THC and credits its origin to a man who is popularly recognized as the Joint Doctor. The strain is actually a self-flowering plant, which is easy to grow. The plant has only a height of 11 or 12 inches maximum. The Lowryder strain has a reputation for not being as potent as the other strains but that is in fact not true. The effects of the strain are slow but very pronounced in the people who choose to inhale this strain. It is particularly useful for inducing a certain kind of relaxation in the person, which allows the person using the strain to be relieved of any kind of stress he or she might be experiencing. The strain is also effective for feelings such as nausea, which is why the person using it will be able to increase their appetite very easily. The strain also makes the person using it happy and euphoric, which is why people who are suffering from depression or stress or anxiety of any kind are more likely to make use of this particular strain than any other.
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Very easy to grow, seed to harvest 59days. not the strongest I've tried but a good smoke. Feel more of the sativa. Gets you high but not wrecked

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