M&M Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

This indica dominant strain has been relied upon as the ultimate relaxant - possessing a psychedelic nature. Sharing the attributes with many strains belonging to different families of the cannabis world, this strain does its magic when it comes to curing pain and muscle spasms. Patients stuck in the battle against anxiety and depression rely upon M&M to give them a strong buzz with a strong sensational feeling to slowly relax the body. The woody composition makes it taste a lot like wood with a sharp tinge to the taste buds and throat. Thus, some patients describe it as spicy. The woody taste gives it a pine-like aroma, which spreads in enclosed spaces quite quickly.
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Really enjoyed this strain it was my first time trying this amazing hybrid. I enjoyed the smoke the flavors. It was a smooth smoke which is nice. Absolutely will purchase this strain again.

Before firing up your joint/blunt of m&m, just take a couple pulls no flame and you can truly taste that m&m chocolate flavor like when you just crack open the outter shell and reach the chocolate, or better yet, those new M&M Chocolate’s chocolate bars! Man!!! Great strain for pain, boosting creativity, relaxation,and anxiety/stress, 4/5 ⭐️

Quite a contrast from my usual heavyweight Holy Grail. Lighter smoke, cleaner head high, excellent taste. Less heavy in the body high. Stage 4 cancer patient and this the 1st outside my HG I would consider smoking for the cancer.

Love this strain!

Great for muscle spasms. Strong sharp flavor that sticks to the tongue.

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