Mango Dream Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

When Strains comes with a fruity flavor name you know that they taste good and have a great smell. However, some people assume that just because a strain tastes good and smells great doesn't mean that it is good and effective as well. The Mango Dream strain however, is effective as well as good tasting and smelling. The Mango Dream Strain is an Indica dominant one, which is very fast and very effective in making you feel better. It is a very light green color in appearance, which makes it appear almost yellow hence the name the Mango Dream Strain. The buds of the plant are covered in trichrome so when you push the buds the substance of the strain falls out since the buds are very dense. The Mango Dream Strain is named that way because when you inhale it all you can taste is mangoes. This provides a light and refreshing feeling to the person who makes use of it. The Strain gives the user a warm and calm feeling that overtakes any kind of stress or anxiety that they may be feeling. It is used for treating chronic back pain or insomnia.
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Just like Blue dream, Mango Dream covers a lot of medical needs. This is a bit more sedative than blue dream, but it will help with appetite and sleep. It’s not to overpowering for the everyday smoker, but will put a beginner down. The flavor is very fruity with a gas exhale. Very similar to the blue dream, just more like mango. Enjoy🤪

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