Master Kush Diesel Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 13% - 18%

Master Kush Diesel is one of the most renowned indica strains in the marijuana world. This strain's origin will lead you back to the Hindu Kush region where many other prominent indicas have emanated. Master Kush is an 100% indica hybrid that is a cross between Hindu Kush and Skunk. You should not smoke Master Kush if you're anticipating a very busy day or one that requires a great amount of focus. This strain delivers an almost immediate, relaxing body high that comes complete with acute mental clarity; something that is not common amongst other Indica strains. While the initial high can be full of socially elevated spirits, you'll eventually settle down to a deep and relaxing sleep. Patients often choose Master Kush due to it's ability to alleviate stress, pain, depression and insomnia. In the looks department, master kush produces distinguishable ball-shaped buds covered in bright orange hairs. In addition, it's character look, you will encounter a very strong citrus aroma with a hint of pine. Upon smoking, you can anticipate a pleasant and smooth taste that miraculously mimics its smell.
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