Hindu Kush Marijuana Strain

Indica Strain Indica

THC: 22% - 32%

Hindu Kush is a 100% pure indica strain that is native to the local regions of the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This bud is infamous among users all around the world for its classic indica effects and long-lasting high that’s perfect for any lazy day or sleepless night when you need a little extra help to fully let go. The Hindu Kush high has a subtle building onset that creeps up on both mind and body before suddenly taking hold. You’ll feel a euphoric effect settle into your mind, easing away any negative or racing thoughts and leaving you feeling blissfully unfocused and hazy. As your mind settles into oblivion, your body will begin to follow suit, leaving you couch-locked and totally sedated for hours and hours on end. Soon, a sleepy effect will settle in, leaving you dozing off and on as both mind and body fade away. Thanks to these long-lasting effects and its high 22-32% average THC level, Hindu Kush is said to be perfect for treating those suffering from conditions such as cramps or muscle spasms, chronic pain, IBS, insomnia, and nausea or appetite loss. This bud has a skunky earthy flavor with a sweet flowery exhale that has touches of fresh woods. The aroma is very pungent and fragrant with a floral effect that’s accented by fresh herbs and spicy pine. Hindu Kush buds have oversized heart-shaped bright forest green nugs with bright orange hairs and a coating of amber crystal trichomes.
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We outdoor grew one female Hindu Kush this year from seed to harvest & I can say it was one of the most pleasant experiences. We named her Kiki, she was a hardy, healthy, 1.5 meter tall profuse flowerer. She had no insect infestations. I especially liked that she was small & blended in with the surrounding garden plants. Although we’re not done trimming, canning & curing we have smoked a bit & find the high is manageable. It’s neither uplifting nor couch-locking. If you’re looking for a really heavy high it may not be for you. If like us you want to be able to function with a nice buzz it just might be the one. We also bake brownies with trim extract for friends with medical conditions & receive very positive feedback. Very happy.

5 out 5 Hindu kush is a excellent strain. This cut gave off a sweet lemon pine taste very smooth for a pure landrace don't know if I said it right very euphoric calming more relaxing then sleepy stone you don't feel heavy on it you're more like a feather floating in the wind unless you consume a large amount you get a good night rest and wake up refreshed unlike some nighttime strains that can give you a sluggish feeling. Would recommend to try it at least once. Would get again. Great nugs to covered and some purple in there.

This is a classic kush high.Very hard to find,got some at 26% thc.Would love to find this all the time.

A review for Hindu Kush grown by 1937 Farms in Auburn, WA Total THC: 22.61%, Total CBD 0.09%. This is a much nicer batch than my older review, medium sized hard nugs, had to use a grinder. The aroma is lemony, piney, musky, the taste is flowery and piney and earthy. Just pure heaven, tickling the senses and taste buds, adding to the overall experience. The cure has brought out the euphoria alot more, more intense than my older review, which was a very potent, very fast sleep inducer. This one gives a focused, sedated, euphoric, heady, heavy on body, wonderful pure indica feel we all love, which eventually lulls me to sleep 😴... Much more fun recreationally this time, but with all the same medical benefits. This strain always gives me a serious indica hangover. A tip from a veteran? To minimize the grogginess and lethargy in the morning when you smoke a lot, get at least 4-5 hours of sleep, and with a strong cup of coffee, and a wake n bake sesh, you'll be ready to go (i prefer a SLH strain)...If you are in WA state, pick some up from 1937 Farms. Indica lovers across the universe rejoice!

Excellent for calming down from raging. Helpful with my angry bipolar episodes. Extremely calming & potent even for this veteran user. Perfect to knock you out and go to sleep for the night. Awesome indica. Def recommend if you have a temper that needs quick calming down sometimes and for couch lock and zzzz's :) I don't recommend this strain before work or doing anything productive at all.

This strain is better than any medication or pill you will ever get. Hyper relaxation, smooth high, head is pretty clear, one of the best indica strain you will ever smoke, believe me. Sleep like a baby from hindu kush.

i can sit straight and calm and breathe effortlessly

One seriously kick ass Kush. Get ready for a quick up front rush followed by a couch locking mind and body stone. Love the flavors and aromas.

Smell is out of this world. Not too much on taste but if falling asleep is a problem for you a few tokes on these dark green nugs will have you counting sheep.

I can never smoke indica because I have chronic fatigue disorder and ADHD; however this strain has kept me creative and focused yet relaxed . Free of all my racing thoughts and anxiety. Did not give me couch lock, just a mellow buzz and I'm thankful

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