Master Yoda Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 17% - 20%

Master Yoda is a strong strain that has THC levels of over 20%. It is mostly indica-dominant with just enough of a sativa ratio to send users up in space. Winner of the 2012 edition of High Times Los Angeles Cannabis Cup, Master Yoda has been a local favorite in the City of Angels. It is a cross between the OG Kush and the Master Kush and the plant can withstand harsh conditions. Appearance wise the strain has magnificent orange hairs growing out of the light green buds. Crystals cover almost every inch of the huge nugs with tri-chromes swollen with THC. The smell is overpowering but pleasant. It will stay in your household for a few days and the aroma is a mix of dankness and vanilla, the perfect combination for the OG appreciators. Master Yoda takes the taste buds on a rollercoaster ride from lemon to vanilla and then orange. It is a real treat for marijuana enthusiasts. Users feel relaxed from the first hit and it sends them into a couch lock for a couple of hours. It is good body buzz for a lazy afternoon. Patients suffering from chronic pain can use this as it whets the appetite, relaxes the muscles and nerves and provides mental and physical relief.
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I tried Master Yoda for the first time and was impressed by the high it gave. Talk about a Jedi mind trick, I couldn't hold my head up straight. Love this strain and I will be buying more of this, if I can find it here.

This is what I've been looking for, the euphoria of sativa with the sleep inducing property of master kush. Nothing has ever made me this intoxicated, really wasted! No paranoia or anxiety, only side effect is that it takes away your physical strength but I could smoke a lot less and still get pretty high! This is the first strain to make me sort of tingle all over with pleasure, it must be great for pain.

I dunno..I realized I'm the first person to review this in over 2 yrs. I know batches change. This stuff is super dense..Decent sized nugs. The smell was fresh and earrthy.. ok. nothing great. The taste was nothing and super harsh..Kills the back of my throat..Its not me cause I have other strains and they dont do that. Im not that upset about it. Ill continue to buy from here they seem like nice people. The one guy who handles orders (dont know his name) is real cool Sometimes you lose unfortunately. The good news is it get you baked if you can get over the harshness. It has bag appeal and is cheap at $230 I think I havent called them yet to let them know. Maybe they will fix that with something in a future order..

Whoa first bud I’ve received from GG that gave me that high I’ve been looking for. Best bud since I started buying from GG. Best taste and feeling.

Master Yoda is a blend of pop culture beats that will begin to mix within the tones of muscle coordination and a person may be less likely to have muscle spasms, however with more muscle coordination. A person may be able to do daily house work with breaks, like dishes, light packing, light lifting under 30 lbs with breaks of rest to ease the progression of pain through the day. May also help those who have decreased hunger. Master Yoda is classified as a hybrid however some may experience Master Yoda as a slightly Indica Dominant, exp. 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. Master Yoda may increase a person’s creative ability and stimulate intellectual conversations in adults as well as those with PTSD. I purchased Master Yoda by Loved Buds at Patients Helping Patients in Medford, Oregon. Great Staff. Reasonable prices with great selections.

Hits good and fast makes you relaxed and smells good

Nice head and body high......

Got this at Old Toby in Chehalis, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog the Aging Ent's Tastings -- Brand: Heavenly Buds Strain: Master Yoda True Hybrid-- Potency Analysis: TTL 18. 1% THC 0% CBD 0. 4% THCA 15% d9THC 17% CBG 0. 26% -- Packaging: 5 .75" x 2" clear plastic rip-top, zip-top bag Cost: $15/gram -- Obligatory Yoda-phrasing: Amazing Marijuana, This Is -- The smell of the buds is really citrusy, clean and sharp. There's the slightest sort of sweetness but it's just a caress. -- The flavors on the smoke are real present, this is citrus and fruit and sweet - but it's really marijuana. You do not forget that you are smoking some serious, high potency weed. Like candy coated dreams. --The high is focused and intellectual. This is a True Hybrid, but it is so cerebral and attentive. With a very odd twist - the focus really only seemed to last a few moments at a time. Then, the Indica roots come through and hit you with a real relaxed, calmed body effect.

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