New Blue Diesel Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

A genetically altered hybrid of Blueberry, which is an indica strain, and the sativa strain, which is NYC diesel the New Blue Diesel combines the best of both worlds. It is known to lean towards the Indica side in terms of effects though. The dark green nugs with rusty red hairs are abundantly covered in crystals. The New Blue Diesel has a calming effect on the smoker and spreads a nice, warm feeling throughout their body. It provides relief from anxiety because of the indica effects and the lazy state the user is in. Headaches and migraines seem to disappear after smoking some New Blue Diesel and this medical marijuana strain is popular amongst patients of Crohn's disease and milder pains. All nauseous feelings also dissipate after a few inhales of a joint of this strain. It tastes fruity like blueberries and has a mild taste familiar to diesel as well. The fruitiness is the lingering aftertaste. The aroma is enriched with an earthy smell with hints of diesel as well as blueberries. The high lasts for some time and induces mild drowsiness along with a minor case of the munchies. This strain is good for a long day free from any prior appointments.
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