NYC Diesel Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 18% - 21%, CBN: 1%

Sour Diesel meets an original Afghani or Hawaiian strain in this sativa-dominant hybrid (60:40 sativa/indica ratio). NYC Diesel carries strong sativa genes from its Sour Diesel mother, while the father plant was either indica- or sativa-dominant. This strain is a good choice for busy days and social occasions, as it provides a peppy cerebral high with strong energy. THC levels can exceed 21%, making this a particularly potent medical option. CBD concentration, on the other hand, is very low, typical for a sativa. The high comes with a strong shot of euphoria, a mood boost, and a spark of creativity. It's most useful when treating anxiety, chronic pain, and depression. It can also be an effective appetite stimulant. Negative effects are limited, especially paranoia, and that makes this an ideal choice for patients suffering from chronic anxiety. A strong, pungent fuel flavor predominates in this Diesel descendant, along with additional chemical notes. NYC Diesel should be relatively easy to find in New York State, though it's probably more popular on the West Coast, especially in California, Oregon, and Washington State. It is also sold in Nevada and Michigan.
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Damn good smoke

Great for introverts, uplifted, lively and promotes social interactions. Dry eyes are present (happens to me on every diesel strain).

Great sativa dominant hybrid that has all the perks of a strong sativa, but without the anxiety or sharp edges. A gently uplifting high builds to a strong feeling of serenity. Perfect for depression, anxiety, morning creativity, and activities around the house. Good for focus, and also for arthritis, neuropathy, and chronic pain.

This is such a great strain, for both day and/or night activities. All of the positive stuff that consumers are saying about this strain is true. I've been a long time fan of the 'Sour Diesel' strain lineage, so when I came across this 'NYC Diesel' I had to try it. At the time, I was living outdoors in Auburn Washington. So I had to take a long bus trip to Seattle Washington to purchase this from the OZ dispensary (Big Ups OZ), and my oh my was I pleased with both the price and the effects of my purchase. I immediately became a fan of this 'NYC Diesel', which has been very very hard to find, until now. This strain definitely has traits, in both its look and effects, that are reminiscent to the more classic 'Sour Diesel', with the addition of some plusses over Sour Diesel (less cough (it's much smoother on the lungs) and it's highly praised, Paranoia FREE effects); don't sleep though, this strain is still a heavy hitter. Summary: This is just truly a great strain, that I so thank God, for those that created this particular strain. I hope that it stickies (lol) around for many many years to come. GENESIS 1:11-12 and 1:29-31! Peace and Blessings, my fellow herbsman and herbswoman.

Happy and talkative. Great for parties and killing stress. Awesome taste and smell.

Love the taste, good for relaxing and reducing stress.

I’ve said a million times anything mixed with Sour Diesel is gonna be good. This is no exception. This and the AJ Sour Diesel are the stinkiest I’ve ever seen. This batch was cooked with some real special care. It was flawless looking, smelling and tasting. Sooooo crazy dank and sooooo yummy sour. It’s a must try if you haven’t already. You will crave the smell and taste of this power house Sativa. Expect a massive blow to the head that will invigorate you and lift your spirit. You can also expect pain relief for hours. This is not only amazing looking and tasting, it is also powerful medicine for pain, fatigue and depression. If it’s on a menu, I’m getting it. Yummy in my tummy NYC D🤪

This is sheer overkill, 3 smokes 0.7 altogether And I was flying for 24 hours!!! :D

First time trying New York diesel and is my new fav The taste is beautiful and smells terrific , best daytime smoke ever but it’s that good u can easily just keep smoking all night If u get the chance of it take it Sean Glasgow Scotland

Just grew some NYC Diesel Auto & am finding it perfect for my needs. It's uplifting without causing anxiety & relaxing without being too sedating. In other words, it's juuuuust right. I get a nice boost of productive energy from a single hit off these blue-green buds covered with silvery white trichomes. But amazingly, my heart doesn't pound & there's no paranoia or dry mouth like I get with 99.999% of other strains. And I haven't even cured it yet. Oh, and no groggy comedown. I highly recommend NYC Diesel for people with depression, anxiety (yes both), fatigue, ADHD or nausea/appetite issues. The smell profile is a mix of pine/citrus/skunk with grapefruit overtones if that matters to you. If you prefer heavier Indica highs like the Kush, Berry or Afghani strains, this probably won't be a good match unless you're looking for a daytime strain.

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