Northern Berry Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

The Northern Berry is known by the combination of the Northern Lights #5 and Blueberry. It is a homegrown and A+ grade form of heavy indica. The northern berry is in the shape of large and intense forms of nuggets with a Purple marble type of structure throughout the dark green with white frosted trichomes. When smoked, the northern berry provides the aroma of earthy hash and strong sweet berries. The taste of the strain after smoking is of berries with a little spice at the end of it. It is best suited for late afternoon or evening consumptions and induce heavy sleeping instantaneously. People who are drawn towards this strain are usually looking to have a relaxing feeling as Northern Berry provides body relief and can cause potential sedation if taken for a long time. It is highly recommended for people who suffer from anxiety, as it is great for relieving stress and helps you to unwind. It gives you bit of a psychedelic head followed by a relaxation of your body. Smoking northern berry can also help to reduce any migraine or serious headache that can lead to insomnia.
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I have used Northern Berry for a couple of years, on and off. I always come back to Northern Berry when I need a good night, I know that it is the best medication for sleep in my case.

Wow this is the best! First time smoking in about 15 yrs. When I first smoked Northern Berry I smoked to much! Was freaking out in my head. I calmed myself down and relaxed for the high. After that I fell in love with this strain. Because I learned to smoke only what I needed. So beware first timers on this one, it will creep up on you and then boom!!!! But you will eventually you will love it. Oh yea if you have insomnia this strain is better then any sleeping pill. Enjoy but be careful!!!!

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