Northern Lights #5 Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 95% Indica / 5% Sativa

THC: 22% - 26%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

Northern Lights #5 is not only an award winning strain, but it has been well received and has managed to become immensely popular amongst the masses. It is an indica dominant strain with 95:5 indica/sativa ratio. Since it has 26% THC content, it manages to slam the body into a numbing but equally wonderful lazy mode. Northern Lights #5 looks ordinary and is medium green in color with orange hairs surrounding it. It smells sweet, piney and tangy. It tastes just the same as it smells, but first time smokers are advised to stay clear of it. It is known to be a one hit wonder and the high is overwhelming. It is enough to knock you out for hours. However, you will feel happy and will realize a sense of well-being. For experienced users, it can even instill a sense of creativity all the while increasing focus and concentration. It is true that the strain does have its drawbacks. Negative culprits like paranoia, anxiety and dizziness do exist if the strain is smoked in high doses. But there is no denying the fact that it is a pure sedative strain. With the right quantities a patient can overcome the effects of anxiety and stress. But there are those who prefer it to relieve chains of chronic pain at the same time. Additionally, it is also perfect for individuals suffering from anorexia and eating disorders.
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Yup great for PTSD anxiety, stress, chronic pain tramautic brain injury. my fav strain. DISABLED VET approved 👍

Early 90's and this was the shizzle along with silver haze and skunk this was the kindest of the kind. Easy to grow and those beautiful dense and heavy buds. Smoked pounds and now and then its good to have again. Of course it runs through the industry in many strains and will live on forever.

My absolute favorite of all-time from back in the 90's and early 00's. I love the taste and smell. Unfortunately none of the dispensaries in my state carry Northern Lights... Arkansas has a crooked and screwed up MMJ.

Love the flavour and high it taste like it smells lol like Citrus and pine mixed with a little dank this stuff hits hard and is a Instant buzz in my bong and lasts for 3 hours atless

cannabis champ 3 times.... strong uplifting , fun and spacey... it elevates your mood whatever it may be... i first found it in 1998 in NY from an original grower of it.. had it for years.. then lost contact to the Source.. had it in colorado in 2011 .. excellent just as remembered ... and just found it again on 4/20/20 LOVE IT

Northern lights #5 is not the same things as northern lights. There are strains and specimens missing .

Only ever had this strain one single time. About 20 years ago, a friend and I won $80 playing video poker in Portland, OR and so we went looking to score some weed and some acid off the streets. We were highly successful! We found the acid first and then the weed. The female contact we met for the weed purchase told us that we were getting Northern Lights #5. The buds were utterly blanketed with crystal trichomes and were clearly no ordinary "street weed". Later that night, after ditching a party where we took the acid (we were starting to feel paranoid), we walked a mile to a nearby cemetery where we knew we could hang and not be disturbed by anyone since it was late at night and dark by that time. We broke out that weed and after just one pipe hit apiece, our paranoia went bye bye and the two of us were experiencing some of the most intense, relaxed euphoria that any person can possibly feel. This was a true peak experience (as in better than your first sex-- the acid had something to do with that, I think) for me and I've never forgotten it! If you like indicas and you come across this strain, you should be willing to pay absolute top dollar for it!!

" Since it is an indica dominant strain, it has a 95:5 sativa/indica ratio." Um...huh? Great strain though. Very piney. Wish it was around more.

Always one of my favorite go-to strains! This is one of the first I ever smoked and I always go back to it in times of doubt. The sweet fruity flavor and the one-hitter effects keep me coming back for more.

Strong one of my go to

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