Orange Sunshine Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

This even sativa-indica hybrid (sativa/indica ratio of 50:50) gets its name from the legendary strain of LSD made famous in the 1970s. Fittingly, this potent strain delivers a peppy, upbeat high with calming effects. Orange Sunshine descends from a California Orange hybrid and an unknown sativa with fruity characteristics. The high is a combination of cerebral and body buzz, with an immediate head rush followed by a deeply relaxing indica high. As its name suggests, it smells and tastes of oranges and other varieties of citrus. The high may be useful in treating anxiety and depression, but beyond that its potential uses are largely unexplored. Orange Sunshine is known to be relatively strong, but exact THC contents aren't publicly available. The same is true of CBD concentrations, though this strain isn't recommended for patients whose conditions respond to that cannabinoid. Information about negative effects is limited, though dry mouth and red eyes are probably most common. Given its California heritage, this strain is probably more common on the West Coast than elsewhere. But it's definitely not easy to find anywhere.
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Orange sunshine is my favorite Hybrid strain. The inhale is grounding and the exhale is uplifting with a deliciously citrusy taste. Montana Wildflower in Bozeman, MT for the win!!

Just got some orange sunshine shake from nature's gift shop in pueblo west it is fire smells like clementine very happy with it

Orange Sunshine is Cali Orange (AE77 cut) x Sunshine Daydream it was crossed by Bodhi Seeds around 2015

Very Cerebral indeed. My 1/4 came in a double sized container. This is a great strain to smoke or mix with other potent medical strains to try to find the best possible full spectrum effects!!!

Orange Sunshine,the brotherhood of eternal love...aka the hippie mafia. Incredible medicine! Be sure to try this when available.

Wow! Had some of this while in Alaska and very sad that I can’t find it down South. This strain gave me a very intoxicating high like I was floating on clouds. Very cerebral and body high but was also able to focus very easily. Easy to understand how it’s 50/50 hybrid. Full indica high but did not make my body heavy/weak or tired. I felt free of worries and so uplifting.

my favorite of all time. perfectly predictable for a lovely head and body high, relieves anxiety, calms you but you stay conversational and creative and dream strain

Really enjoy this strain, recently had a brain aneurysm clipping in July lost all sense of smell and taste gradually coming back this I can taste a little love the head high and energy boost

Amazing and relaxing

This strain is very nice. I've had the; THC: 27.648% CBD: 2.224% very nice!! The buzz is uplifting / relaxing feel. Best I've had in awhile.

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