Pez Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 15%

A sweet aroma of candy accounts for the name of this hybrid with a sativa/indica ratio of roughly 50:50. That even balance makes for a complex mix of cerebral and physical effects. The body buzz is calming and euphoric, while the cerebral high is clear-headed, creative, energetic, and focused. It's an effective combination for treating anxiety, ADHD, and everyday stress. With original Afghani and Pakistani parents, Pez boasts THC levels between 15% and 20%, though some samples have tested above 23%. CBD is much, much lower, too low to make this a good choice for treating epilepsy and other conditions that require that chemical. The flavor, like the smell, is sweet, though it also includes notes of flowers and fruit. The nugs are light green with orange hairs and a decent layer of crystals. Patients can expect dry mouth and red eyes, which are typically the most common negatives associated with marijuana, but there are few public reports on the subject. Pez the marijuana strain is much less popular than Pez the candy, though it does fairly well. It sells best in Washington and California.
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I'm a boutique grower in Santa Clara County, the Valley of Hearts Delight. I just happened to buy a Pez clone locally. With 14 hours of sun and high end organic nutrients, Pez created a MONSTER ginormous plant. I'll get over 3 pounds of tight, huge buds from one plant. The scent is like candy and sublime. Buds caked in trichomes. I'm waiting for a proper curing for a smoke test.

Been working outdoors with the Pez here in Mendo for past 5 years, have it crossed into Platinum as well as a few other OG's and a few Cookie crosses. It's a very beautiful plant, smells and looks great. Good to see more reviews and knowledgeable comments, this one is a keeper and a good cross breeder.

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