Purple Candy Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 19%

Deep physical relaxation is the order of the day with this indica-dominant hybrid (sativa/indica ratio unclear). It's probably a cross of the Canadian BC Sweet Tooth and the California original Mendocino Purps, both indica-dominant hybrids. This strain has THC levels that can reach at least 19%, while CBD numbers are negligible, much less than 1%. The body-centered high is calming and euphoric, with a boost of happiness. It can also lead to a powerful case of the munchies, which makes it great for fighting eating disorders and wasting conditions. Purple Candy can also be used to treat anxiety, depression, fatigue, migraines and other headaches, and insomnia. Use this as a nighttime strain, as it can induce powerful couch-lock. The smoke from this strain tastes of grapes and honey, while the buds smell of grapes, honey, and roses. The bud is a colorful blend of purple, amber, and green, all of it covered by dense, shimmering trichomes. Purple Candy comes with some of the usual side effects: Dry mouth and red eyes are common while headaches, dizziness, and paranoia are less likely.
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Good body sedation.Tasty big buds.Good medicinal for nerve disorders PTSD 4.5 rankings.Medicinos is always good.

The aroma was like a skunky weedy blueberry, and very earthy. Very sweet too. I loved how it looked too. Bursts of purple, and very large buds with amazing tricoms. Very fuzzy. I loved the effects too. Not much of a head buzz, that's good cause with people with anxiety can have anxiety attacks when they get a too intense head high. The effects was similar to pink candy, like a wave of water coming up on your back and a girl coming down on you on top of you. Also a nice progressive buzz that just gets more intense but stops at the perfect time. Lots think to get the most potent strains, even beginners cause they think "you cant get too high". Exactly what I did. I got OG kush and stuff and it was way to intense, so I recommend this strain strongly. I like 17 - 19 percent THC levels, the high is awesome though

A great smoke, I highly recommend

You can't beat the taste of this strain when smoked from a vaporizor. Very smooth.

the effects that is given here is so accurate and is one strain i will enjoy for a long time

Nice candy taste

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