Reno OG Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 18% - 22%

The Reno OG strain is a very well balanced hybrid strain. Regardless of the balanced sativa/indica, this strain is predominantly a sativa strain. The sativa/indica ratio is close to 60:40. It has a relatively normal THC level between 18-22% (average 20%) and CBD levels below 0.3%. Like most sativa based strains, this one too provides a euphoric high which makes the smoker happy, uplifted, sleepy and above all else, lazy. Reno OG's use as a method of stress relief is one of this strains most common medicinal uses. Other uses in medicine include the use of this strain for pain relief and reducing or overcoming anxiety. Also, due to the fact that it makes the smoker lazy and sleepy, it helps people who are struggling with sleeplessness (insomnia) overcome their problem. In terms of aroma, this particular strain has a very woody, earthy scent to it. The smoke feels heavy and one can feel the herb like taste. The appearance of this strain is nothing special.
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Reno OG is as easy as it gets. Especially outside in the ground! Plant April 1, harvest Oct 1. 1 plant as big as a VW! Give it room... If you put it in a pot or grow bag, it will stop growing as soon as the roots run out of room.

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