Snoop's Dream Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 26%

A type of cannabis strain named after hip hop star Snoop Dog is Snoop's Dream. He has had quite a bit of interest in the marijuana market. This hybrid is a mix of Master Kush and Blue Dream. The smell is very pungent but also sweet. The taste is a sweet blueberry flavor. It also offers a pine after taste. This is a very strong Indica strain with THC about 26%. The buds of Snoop's Dream are dense and light green colored. The buds will be covered with bright orange hairs by the time harvesting takes place. These plants grow very easily in a variety of conditions. Harvesting too soon though can reduce the yield of crystals by half. After the orange hairs are visible give the plants 2 more weeks to grow and produce. Snoop's Dream is an uplifting type of marijuana strain. It offers improved mood and an overall relaxed feeling. It can help to generate more focus and more creativity for the mind. It can also result in reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety.
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Great strain for spinal and leg pain! Good smooth draw and light after taste berry like. I smoke alot!!? This I am able to get results that last much better. I'd grow it if I could get the beans!!💯

This is an incredible strain! Def a heavy hitter. The grower had just dropped off this batch to the dispo when I got it too. Really amazing stuff for all my Multiple Sclerosis/nerve pain woes.

eh hum..."I might be moving to Montana soon just to raise the upper crop of Dental Floss. Raising it up, waxing it down, in a little white box that I could sell uptown. By myself I wouldn't have no boss, but I'd be raising my lonely Dental Floss!" FZ Damn good grass! Great for beginners, all you need is one hit or maybe two then hold on, let go and enjoy... remember, nothing has changed, the world is precisely as it was b4 you took those hits, trust me. lmgdfartfo!

AMAZING! very uplifting and invigorating. Very giggly. Mentally I feel very bubbly but the indica is also very nice as I'm not physically jittery like sativa usually does to me. So this is a great hybrid. Totally mentally invigorating strain. Not really getting anything bodily.

Smell was incredible along with look in bud. Crystals everywhere along the bud. Smoked tasted the way it smelled fruity & pine aromas through out the smoke. Very sedating when smoking & munchies soon after

Just picked up a half oz ot this incredible strain. Starting with the aroma... very sweet, blueberry/vanilla. Taste... smooth, just like the aroma, tastes like blueberry with hints off vanilla with a slight mush taste on exhale. This is something that you inhale and let the flavor dance on your pallet, like a fine wine. Effect.... 2 bing rips and you can feel the body high relaxing your muscles. Not a couch lock, gives you the energy to go about your day with a grin from ear to ear. Been smoking for +30 years. Definitely in my top 3.

The stunning part about Snoop's Dream is that it tastes, smokes and FEELS like you just smoked a mix of Blue Dream and Master Kush. I have never before had a strain be SO EXACTLY THE SAME as its parent strains. So, mildly euphoric (the Blue Dream), plus nicely chilled (Master Kush). Much like Khalifa Kush, you feel a lot like this strain's namesake feels when high on it. It's a good way to spend a couple hours as the Dogg!

My current favorite strain for fragrance, taste, and effect. Buying it up while I can get my hands on it.

best budz delivery in Clinton Twp MI carries this smooth and lethal bud! Thank you both!!!

Immediate thoughts: heady head first, cerebral, there was a slight throbbing in the eyes. Visually it felt kind of like a whip-it. Focused, chill, smooth.

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