Sour Cream Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 23%, CBD: 1%

Sour Cream is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Sour Diesel and G13 Haze, both powerhouse strains in their own right. The balance of sativa to indica is 70:30, making for a relaxing cerebral experience. The high is calming and happy, with clear-headed thinking and an energizing boost, though some patients also describe a sedating sensation. THC levels are reportedly high, exceeding 23% in at least one test. CBD levels, meanwhile, are higher than average, topping 1%. That means this strain could be useful in treating seizure disorders and other medical problems that respond to CBD, though patients with these conditions should consult their providers about the usefulness of Sour Cream. This strain is also recommended for the treatment of anxiety, stress, and mental fatigue. The nugs are dark green with brown hairs, while the flavor and aroma have pungent hints of candy, flowers, vanilla, and diesel fuel, a trait acquired from the Sour Diesel parent. Patients who use this strain can probably expect the usual side effects – cottonmouth, watery eyes, and paranoia – though there are few public reports on the subject. This strain isn't particularly popular, on or off the legal market, but it can be found without much trouble in Michigan, Arizona, Colorado, and Washington State.
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Jus cracked my 8th of SourCream that was Harvested on 4/05/2022. Its 7/10/2022. So it’s pretty fresh. Cured Perfectly. Nice chunky, sticky Nugs. The 2 last photos uploaded are of the batch of SourCream I got here in my hometown of LasVegas,NV from the dispensary Planet13 and it’s grown from the brand NLVO which is a pretty decent brand. The smells that instantly comes thru are deep hits of really Floral and sweet w that pungent Diesel aroma at the end. Literally smelled like some type of rotten dairy lol The smoke was actually really smooth too. Definitely can taste the SourDiesel on this batch. My 8th consisted of a single gigantic beautiful nug which I had to break down carefully chunk by chunk lol Now I have 4 beautiful Dark Green Buds, covered in a thick coating of thin Neon Yellow Trichomes w super long and thick Rust Orange Hairs/Pistils. Definitely give this batch of SourCream 5 Stars all around ! I highly recommend trying this strain out.. if you come across SourCream @ a dispensary near you..get your paws on it ASAP !

Had this for the first time recently. I was absolutely impressed and I'm a 25 year smoker. Too bad it's so rare. Loved it!

You can chill while u work

Good if like to wig out

I love it💗 deep cerebral high

Wow sour cream wakes you up fast! I like it for a wake-and-bake when I've got a heavy day ahead and just can't seem to wake up or focus on anything. Seriously, this sour cream stuff is better than a cup of espresso for me. A++++

And now ny :) Pretty good description, nothing to add, just good times

Lovely not only taste but effects as well

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