Strawberry Cookiez Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 18% - 22%

Strawberry Cookiez, not to be confused with “Strawberry Cookies,” is a rare evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through crossing the delicious Epic Cookiez with the mouthwatering Platinum Strawberry Kush. This bud packs the flavor that you'd expect from its name – sweet strawberry and nutty cookies! The aroma is just as fresh and delicious, with a sweet berry overtone accented by earthy diesel and sugary strawberry. Strawberry Cookiez buds have heart-shaped dusty green nugs with sparse dark amber hairs and a super thick frosty coating of tiny amber crystal trichomes. The Strawberry Cookiez high is very relaxing overall with a sense of calm that permeates your very bones. You'll feel a euphoric onset that lifts your spirits and numbs your energy level in one quick swoop. As you start to drop into a state of sedation, a numbing body high will wash over you, leaving you immovable and completely at ease. A sharp pang of hunger will hit you next, leading to an uncontrollable case of the munchies. In combination with its high 18-22% average THC level, these potent effects make Strawberry Cookiez perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, appetite loss, nausea, chronic stress, and Gastrointestinal Disorder.
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It has a great taste. Nice high.

I love it beautiful strain from smell to the smoke omg!!! Its a must try and im in Florida!!!!

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