Swedish Nectar Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Don't go looking for this rare treat in Scandinavia; marijuana is still illegal there, and the country isn't exactly known for its cannabis exports. That's fitting, given how hard it is to find much of any data on Swedish Nectar. It's a sativa-dominant hybrid that delivers mostly cerebral effects, but the precise ratio of sativa to indica is unknown, as are the THC and CBD contents of this strain. It is rumored to be a fairly potent strain, but definitely not one of the strongest. The sativa genes make it a decent choice for treating depression, fatigue, lack of appetite, and undesired weight loss. It produces a powerful case of the munchies, so it's ideal for patients who need to eat more. The head high packs a strong boost of energy and euphoria, with a powerful, upbeat feeling throughout. The aroma and taste of Swedish Nectar are decidedly citrusy. Negative effects are limited, though dry mouth and dry eyes are always possible. There are few if any American dispensaries that currently carry this strain, though it's probably most abundant in the American West.
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