Tangerine Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 22%, CBD: 2%

Tangerine is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through a four times backcross of the infamous CR9 strain. This tasty bud is infamous for its aroma, which is said to be identical to a walk through an orange grove just after it’s rained. The taste is just as sweet, with a zesty citrus flavor that has a sweet surprisingly tropical aftertaste upon exhale that lingers long after you finish smoking. Tangerine buds have long leafy and airy pepper-shaped bright lime green nugs with fiery orange hairs and a frosty thick coating of sandy fine crystal white trichomes. The Tangerine high is just as pleasant as the taste and is perfect for a daytime smoke when you need energy without the anxiety that sometimes comes. You’ll be hit with a strong euphoric onset that leaves you giggly and insanely energized almost immediately after smoking. This is followed by a deep happy relaxation felt in the mind and body that aren’t sedative in the least bit, but rather rids both of any pain or tension. Due to these powerful effects and its high average CBD level of 2% and THC level of up to 18%, Tangerine is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, mild to moderate cases of depression, muscle spasms or tremors, and chronic anxiety or stress.
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bought 2grams of this in Amsterdam looking for a smoke to accompany a day drinking cocktails , eating cheese, street markets and looking at art. perfect uplifting high , energetic vibes and a positive addition to the day. good positive effects on people who are new to smoking. uplifting, zero anxiety or paranoia. awesome smell and taste

Consumption Method: JointsEffects I Feel: Energetic, Euphoria, HungryHelp Me With: Anxiety, Appetite Loss, FatigueAromas: Citrus, Orange, TangerineFlavors: Citrus Orange, Floral, Tangerine

Never reacted to cannabis like this before... chest constriction, super bad headache, nausea. Never again.

Very relaxing but not too powerful ... great buzz for watching tv. The taste is smooth with a hint of I guess tangerine but I’ve never tried one. 😕

Nice hybrid, very uplifting and happy, great for daytime.

Finally a name that matches the taste. This one smells strong like orange/citrus. It also taste the same!! The flavor really draws you in. On top of that it smokes real smooth. No throat tickle or lung expansion. The flavor was the highlight for me. I found the buzz to be relaxing, but I would say the buzz and pain relief were weaker than most wake n bakes. For flavor oh ya. For pain relief I’ll go with SD or Durban.🤪

We bought a Tangerine Stealth stick expecting a surprise. For a person that doesn't care for sativa, I was too high to consider the hybrid percentages. As the lemony-orange then tangerine flavor settled in my mouth, the lingering effects of citric acid stayed with me as did the high for a strong 15 minutes with one hit. I'm certainly not a novice with 40+ years of ganja grabbing, but I was pleasantly surprised with this strain; albeit a concentrate. Now to go bake lemon bars. Yum! Doaback68

Im loving that citrus flavor

Solid energy...brightens the view..,settles in nicely after 15 min...mild anxiety out of the gate... Nothing unmanageable...turns relaxing in 15 min

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