Tangerine Dream Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 25%

Tangerine dream is one of the most popular sativa-dominant hybrid strains derived from cannabis. The strain was awarded a Cannabis Cup in 2012, which played an important role in boosting its popularity. The strain is well-known for its muscle relaxation and pain relieving properties, but its ability to relieve pain is what makes it special. The strain helps relax muscles and clear the mind. Unlike many other strains, Tangerine Dream does not blur the smoker's mind. The immediate effects of the strain include extreme euphoria, feelings of happiness as well as an uplifted and creative mood. Tangerine dream has been known to relieve stress, pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Tangerine dream offers a sweet and intense citrus aroma that evokes relaxation in the smoker. The strain is available in different flavours that produce a strong effect. Moreover, the composition of sativa and indica produce cerebral energy that energizes the whole body. The strain contains 25% of THC and mixed proportions of other ingredients which are known to create a hazy effect on the smoker. Tangerine dream is a great choice for those looking for an intoxicating strain that also retains focus.
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Sweet old school strain ... smells like sour oranges and tastes about the same ... felt like a lazy warm beach day to the body, very nice. Also a clear headed tingle that had legs. Overall a top 3 strain for me.

This strain is great for daytime use and socializing. Perfect for a party with friends. Energizing and uplifting.

So far it has all the qualities I look for pain relief, it taste great, and has a great classic haze effect to where I'm in my own lil world for a few secs thinking while staring into space.

Excellent, for a clear minded relaxing workday, with the energy to get up and do things. Perfect for pain, anxiety, and depression.

Creative, energetic, focussed, happy and pain free. My favourite daytime medicine.

This stuff is pretty sweet. Got an 1/8th on sale for promotion (20$) and was pleasantly surprised. As a dad, I would classify this as a car wash strain. Get outside and focus on something productive. Nice day time smoke for focus and chill. My only criticism is that the smell is rather bland and the nugs aren't the prettiest. Very stemmy so u might have to pull some buds off before u smoke. But these are purely cosmetic complains. The effect and high are solid.

Makes a stressful painful day disappear for a little bit; I really enjoy this strain to help me sleep.

This is one of the best tasting strains I’ve come across in a long time. I can really taste tangerine too! The high comes on very fast and lasts a pretty long time. It is a very relaxing smoke but I didn’t feel the need to veg out in front of my TV. More like cleaning, cooking and getting things done. This one is great for my depressed days or whenever I feel anxious in social situations. I don’t feel wired but instead happy and content. I highly recommend.

Vaping this strain. Good for pain and inflammation

Top5 of my fav strains !

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