Tigers Milk Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Tigers Milk is an excellent creation of Bodhi Seeds. It is an Indica dominant marijuana strain that has popular ancestors, including Appalachia and Bubba Kush. The plant has a good yield and produces big leaves that are green in color with a hue of rust. It is an indoor plant that is mainly harvested during October and has a flowering period of nine weeks. It has quite a high THC level and has strong cerebral effects. It has a very strange flavor and aroma that is a mixture of butter, citrus and strong chemicals. You do feel a bit strange on smoking Tigers Milk, but soon its strong effects take over your body and make you forget the weird aroma and taste. At times, you can feel a hint of honey and earthy flavors in its taste as well. Tigers Milk is excellent for treating various kinds of pains, and is especially effective on arthritis pains and backaches. Within minutes of using it, you will experience a huge improvement in your pains. In addition to that, it is efficient in treating insomnia as well. It makes you feel drowsy after a few minutes and soon puts you to sleep. Therefore, it is great for curing insomnia.
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Tried for my fibromyalgia pain it's feel great pain free for me

It does not make me tired but I do like the way it makes me fell happy and not sick

I was blessed with a Amazing clone of Tiger's Milk a few years ago and my life of back pain and sleepless night ended soon after harvest. This is an Amazing strain for all types of aches and pains. The smell, the taste, the smoke and the high are just what the dr. ordered. Thank you D. Taylor

Tiger's milk & Orange AOTA are the only 2 strains that turn off the unceasing nerve pain & tremors. It's so powerfully potent, it shuts down nerve pain (stops the sensation of feeling as if you're plugged into an electrical outlet) & muscle pain. It sedates the body unlike any other strains.They give me opportunity to recover & successfully physically rehab. I suffer from complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), the result of bone, joint, nerve & muscle tissue damage injuries while serving as Marine Corps infantry scout. When politicians closed the vault on opioid relief, I turned to medical marijuana. I search far & wide, high & low, to locate more of these strains without success. I hope some grower out there reads this & produces a huge crop of these 2 strains. There's thousands of Veterans & others who need these 2 potent strains, which provide nerve pain relief, tremor relief, muscle tissue damage/spasm/cramps relief. 2 long draws on the pipe stop nerve pain. A 3rd sends tensed muscles into "relax" mode. You can stay awake & accomplish great things, or lie down & go almost instantly to deep sleep. If we're truthfully serious & committed to marijuana providing medical benefits, then please grow these strains in abundance. D. Taylor

Tiger's milk is one of those strains that has it all. Happy, bubbly onset. Pain relief within a few tokes. Absolutely wonderful before bed or nap. I have severe back pain, arthritis, and neuropathy. Tiger's milk knocked them out! Would definitely get again.

Tigers Milk is in the same category as White OG in my opinion. 50/50 Hybrid. Great pain relief, depression relief and will put you to sleep! However, for me Tigers Milk keeps me asleep longer than White OG. But Tigers Milk is a little racy for the first several minutes.

Just got some Tigers Milk live resin here in a Legal state. I am a lover of Bubba Kush but it gets you to bed to early after great body effects. With Tigers Milk the Green Crack/Tres Dawg sativa side overrides the lethargy you usually get with the bubba euphoria high.The result is a powerful focused mind and a pain free body. great for arthritis and back pains...The perfect medical marijuana medicine for midday/night use. It is a powerhouse load so beginners beware! But for most, it will be a mellow full body stone with complete alertness.

Having had two spinal fusions, and now challenged with two more herniated discs.. plus.. having no cushion in my knees; needing knee replacement surgeries.. then my teeth; on the bottom ground down to my gums, along with having two teeth that need pulled on top... Well, Tigers Milk, isn't the only substance in me, but in addition to some other pain medications.. I actually experience more of it, and an ability to harness the the muscle memory from the past, when I was much faster moving around; aerobic, and when you start moving you'll feel like Michael Chekhov professed, the psychology of the movement and pose.. You can, truly experience the vitality that you had; if ever you have had, ,. I know that it can make you drowsy, but if you can work through that.. you'll be feeling great.. awake, alive.. It's pretty good for anyone that is dealing with severe chronic pain.. It could be bad.. meaning.. if you are really healthy.. and you feel the effects of deliverance of pain restrictions that your body has.. You could over do it, and hurt yourself.. Just had to say that.. because it's part of it, I think.

Most excellent high, you will sleep like a baby.

A very euphoric, almost psychedelic strain. This is my favorite but it is hard to locate at times.

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