U2 Kush Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 20% - 23%

U2 Kush is bred by mating Bubba Kush and Master Kush. It is a hybrid strain containing 80 percent Indica and 20 percent Sativa varieties. It has deep green coloured dense looking resinous and frosty buds that have a purple hue and orange coloured hair. Its plant is sturdy and short and takes about eight to nine weeks for its complete growth. If harvested outdoor, it finishes during the months of September of October. U2 Kush plants are convenient to rise as well. It has a high THC level that is assumed to be above 20 percent as its exact value is still not reported. Several users have reported it to be a grade A- cannabis strain. It has a lovely, mild and gentle smell that has a sweet floral and earthy scent. It is quite a good strain to smoke as well as it has a strong taste that is a blend of earthy, sweet, spicy, lavender and herbal flavours. U2 Kush has a strong and smooth smoke that casts quite an impact on your system. Its buzz stays for about two hours or slightly longer on your body. This strain is best for treating chronic pains of different types such as arthritis pains. You can also use it for stimulating your appetite and curing stress and depression.
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It totally got its name from the rock band U2. Mr. Nice also produced “the Stones”, “Pink Floyd”, and “the Cure”. Btw... I love indica dominant strains, so this strain gets an easy pass with 5 stars.

This is usually a highly potent bud. I'm not sure where the name came from. I doubt it's related to the poser pop band with the same name. I'm not even sure if those guys smoke but it doesn't really matter. This is good bud so pair it with some GOOD music.

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