White Dawg Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 20%

White dawg is an Indica hybrid strain that is typically a cross between Chemdog and White Fire OG. White Dawg has been a winner of the Cannabis Cup Champion and with a strong smell that is floral in nature but not too overpowering. This strain has a nice, strong earthy taste and carries a THC content of more than 20%. The effects of White Dawg vary for people as those who use a bong and a vaporizer experience different effects. Within a few seconds, a person experiences a full body high. This is essentially a highly sedating strain hence is not recommended for depression. White Dawg carries tightly condenses buds that are covered in light green leaf, white tric's with orange hair. It smells pleasant with a hint of OG and Kush. With a CBD level of 0.18%, White Dawg is an extremely potent indica and induces a heavy body high. It is a great strain for anxiety, pain relief, nausea and insomnia but after consuming it, the need arises for a nap. The presence of a frosty white coating on White Dawg provide it with the high CBD and TCH levels that help with a number of ailments. White Dawg is certainly not a morning strain and should be consumed before heading to bed at night.
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Love it just got a nice little quarter Oz of this gear this is my kinda stuff relaxing euphoric happy and when bedtime comes what a sleep earthy diesel flowery notes I don't understand why this strain has on got a 4.1 rating 😲🤯

I'm not good at reviewing but been smokeing it 14yearz and this is very good weed taste good gaves a very good high makes you feel happy 😊 makes stress dissappear definitely recommend flavour 8/10 high 10/10 quality 10/10 recommended for every stoner or medical user good for sleep to 100%buy this will not be disappointed will be a very happy purchase happy smoking 420/710 foe life

Nice strain in White dawg. Earthy OG taste on inhale and a mixed taste on exhale of pine and earthy feel. Great high overall. Nice dense buds easily to break up with fingers nice structure. No complaints

Nice high enjoy

Indica hybrid. Nice to have. Short high. Need to continue continually. Tasty.

Great indica for mood, anxiety, insomnia as well as various physical ailments such as pain and discomfort. Highly relaxing and typically bred to be a high cbd strain.

White Dawg is a strong Indica hybrid the taste is very pungent with hints of og kush, very earthy piney instant full body high very good for a night time smoke with friends good for insomnia, stress and depression 4.3

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