Z Cube Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 25% - 32%

Z Cube, also known as “ZCube,” is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created as either a descendant or sister of the delicious Zkittlez and crossed with OZ Kush strain. Ready to journey into a whole new dimension? Z Cube is the bud to take you there, with heady and tranquilizing effects that will knock you flat out. The high has an uplifting feeling at the start, working its way through your mind and lifting you chin, filling you with a sense of well being and ease that's free of any negative moods or racing thoughts. A sense of tranquility will wash over you, slowly seeping into your body and leaving you fully calmed from head to toe and pretty couch-locked before you know it. Add in a heavy 25-32% THC level and you have the recipe for a highly potent bud that's great for experienced patients suffering from mood swings, depression, Bipolar Disorder and chronic stress or anxiety. This bud has a super sweet and fruity berry flavor with hints of fresh rose and earth upon exhale. The aroma is very similar, although with a sour grapefruit and spicy herbal effect to it, too. Z Cube buds have dense spade-shaped minty green nugs with amber hairs and a coating of tiny milky white crystal trichomes.
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I like to leave reviews mentioning I'm Autistic because I find I respond slightly differently to hybrid strains. This is perfect for depression or burnout, when you need alone time to let your worries pass & think rationally. Definitely recommend for anxiety or depression. But may exacerbate social anxiety, even days after use in my experience.

Consumption Method: BluntsEffects I Feel: Body High, Euphoria, RelaxingHelp Me With: Anxiety, Autism, Depression

I've got me some Z Cube from "Higherhealings Official". Smells like Grape, sour and beautiful colored but small buds. Long lasting high.

This strain has to be one of the most aromatic strains on earth; especially when ground up in a good grinder that skittles, herbal candy slightly spicy gas aroma will fill a small house up within minutes and a single room within seconds. It tastes almost exclusively like grapefruit with a touch of spice that lingers on the tongue for prolonged periods of time noticeably; then about a minute later it hits hard and it hits fast. This strain is almost certainly not for beginners and even some advanced tokers might be caught by surprised. A higher tolerance and you should fare well. 32% THC sounds pretty spot on for this juggernaut of a strain.

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