9 Pound Hammer Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 18% - 23%

9 Pound Hammer is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created as a potent cross between the infamous Goo Berry X Hells OG X Jack the Ripper strains. This dank bud boasts an insanely high THC level that ranges from 18-23% on average, leaving you with the feeling that you were hit over the head with a hammer! Users describe the 9 Pound Hammer high as having an immediate onset of a happy, euphoric and uplifted cerebral head high that is stimulating and pain relieving. This is followed by a slow drift into couch-locked sedation that leaves you completely relaxed in both mind and body with an overwhelming sense of sleepiness. As the high fades, you'll be eased into a deep and peaceful sleep. Due to these potent effects, 9 Pound Hammer is said to be an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic pain due to injury or illness, stress, insomnia, and eye pressure. 9 Pound Hammer has a sweet grape aroma with a hint of earth and a taste of sweet berry lime that intensifies as you exhale. This dank bud has bright neon green grape-shaped nugs with dark forest green undertones and a fine layer of trichomes.

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9 pound hammer 🔨 is by far one of my absolute favorite strains... It's makes me all kinds of happy & just about completely pain free without a care in the world 🌎...

Nice long lasting. Helps w body aches and pains better than most.

Very subtle and sweet but this Indica dominant strain means serious business. If this was all I had to choose from for the rest of eternity you would never hear me complain. Its pretty smooth and powerful and ya I'm loving it.

I have a high tolerance. I was not expecting too much from this strain, from reading other reviews. I smoked 3 hits 3 hours ago and I am still blazing, wow, it must be the tricomes, this is my new favorite strain! This is a super weird indica, it is buzzing out my brain excellently! And it is also very sedating, physically..

Nice indica. Looks beautiful. I will leave pics. Smell great. Nice for evening after work or bedtime. Calm full body high. Great for depression or insomnia

This strain is particularly interesting. It has very peppery (the most notable aroma and taste) followed by immediate fruity diesel notes that kind of all combine together in a spicy berry diesel herbal blend which indicates it has an abundance of beta caryophyllene terpines; this terpine is the only terpine that binds to cannabinoid receptors. It is responsible for causing the sleepiness that so many in these comments have. You are greeted about 90 seconds after your first good toke (it comes on very slowly in a creeping manner) with a happy go lucky attitude that steadily transitions into a heavy body high that will knock you out cold if you consume enough of it, probably where the name came from. This strain is by far not the most potent but it is very strong and some really grizzled smoking veterans might even consider it not very potent even though it is far from a weak strain. I think what happened with most of the negative reviews is that people underestimated its potency and got caught in an unexpected greenout. Always dose accordingly even if it seems unimpressive, the great painter bob ross once said, "You can always add more but its a son of a gun to take it away." This strain WILL catch you by surprise if you take it for being weak. Remember, everyone is different and cannabis affects everyone differently. I speak of my own evaluation of a recent obtaining of 9 pound hammer flower.

The day after I smoked this strain I fully understood how it got it's name! First toke was relatively unimpressive, as was the rest of the bowl. Then, IT HIT ME allll at once! LoL from what I recall, I was happy, hungry and hilarious. And, apparently forgot about the pain, anxiety and depression. Nope, don't like the dopey part or the heaviness the day after. If you want to get high, this bud's for you. I did begin looking up strains before going to the dispensary after that! And now I tell the BudT I don't want to be dopey with all the other specifications. My hometown place has all information on display, beautifully with a glass jar and magnifier showing perfectly grown yuminess.

I take mine in concentrate form, but it only lasts 15 min then WHAM! Out like a drunk baby. I see where it gets the name. I like to use it for sleep.

Got this CO2 concentrate from Sunnyside Dispensary in Champaign, IL. 72.19%THC 1.32% CBG, 2.03%, CBC, 1.89% CBN. This is the best strain I have found for my back pain and anxiety. It also helps with insomnia. It has a great flavor with hints of grapy earth, and a lime like finish. It doesn't take much and my pain is eased. My wife says it makes me stupid. But i don't care as long as the pain is eased. It starts with a nice cerebral high followed by a body high that can tend to couch lock you. Be careful of how much you use. It WILL put you to sleep. As a Disabled Veteran in constant pain, I DEFINATELY recommend this strain concentrate.

Not sure why it's called 9lb hammer -- the batches I have tried have not been especially sedating. Also as some commenters have mentioned, it may not quell anxiety.

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