Banana OG Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 23% - 27%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

The smell of banana peels and Christmas pine trees is what you get with Banana OG. The taste is also like bananas and some people report a cinnamon taste. This is an Indica dominant cross 70:30 Indica/Sativa hybrid between Banana X OG Kush. The THC level is 25%. This plant is a light green color. It has brown hairs that grow quickly and get darker as the date for harvesting approaches. While the yield isn't as high with this particular strain of cannabis, the potency of it makes up for it. Many people find Banana OG is affordable and gives them a high they enjoy without it being too powerful. Banana OG offers a mellow buzz that sets in quickly. It affects mainly the body so your mind will relax but still be very functional. The overall mellowing effect can help with reducing stress and an anxiety. If you use large amounts of this cannabis, it is going to make your eyelids very heavy. Large amounts can also result in couch lock. It is a good choice for reducing muscle pain and inflammation.

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banana og and purple punch have been two my 2 go to indicas so this works well it smokes very smooth. thc 20%. i generally smoke .05g-1g. i have a fairly high tolerance. so it works great for stress, pain, relaxing, this has medical benefits to anyone looking for pain as well, adhd, it didn't totally coach lock me. its a true hybrid. in larger amounts i encountered couch lock relaxation eurphoria and an overall sense of well being. i was locked when smoking close to a g and it smoked very smooth i cant even remember but like somebody said you do end up feeling hazy in a good euphoric way id recommend banana punch. Its high lasted 2-3 hrs. this strain is good any time of day.

I fucking love this strain! Affordable? Weaker? Where? Bullshit, top shelf!!! Tastes like a green banana, in a kush-pine tree. It hits fast in a euphoric headrush, down spine, through entire body. It is a major creeper after initial rush. Smoked a bowl from pipe, 5-6 fat hits (it's a big pipe), few minutes later got up from couch, leaning, a bit dizzy in a very good way. Body feels heavy, and good. Mind is serene, sedated, euphoric, not a care. Talking, eating, kicking back, watching TV, perfect for nighttime, as long as you don't drive. Medicinally, great for pain, anxiety, insomnia, lack of appetite. a great medical indica hybrid. A very nice, very tasty, smooth smoking flower. All wrapped up in the aroma and taste of bananas, and the OG we love, try this if you like Indicas, bananas, or both. Info on top calls it affordable, and weak. Bullshit! Top shelf, allbud needs better weed to review... 💯🔥

Love. love, loved it!! Extremely pleased with the flavors & results of the effects. Will put you in the couch , say night, night. Will recommend if you have high anxiety & insomnia.

me and my mom love this as sufferers from chronic anxiety this is a gold find !!!!! love this try if you suffer for angst its on my must have list .

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will give you an appetite and will couch lock you !

Really enjoyed this strain. Provides the relaxing body high as promised yet still allows mind to function and think clearly. Definitely would recommend for someone looking to relax, focus and solve some world problems.

Definitely one of the best OGs in my opinion and underrated at the least! reminds me a lot of SFV OG with a hint of banana. This is a different type of banana taste not at all like if you were to just eat a banana. the taste is very unique and not easily recognized as banana off the bat, but if you are a connoisseur with a sophisticated palate you will probably still notice it and appreciate it. i find the taste to be pretty earthy along with some pine and a subtle toasted banana. The smoke is usually pretty smooth however it can get harsh if you try to take big hits. the first few minutes after smoking I notice a nice calming buzz around the head and shoulders then it slowly moves towards the body making you feel very relaxed and even couch locked depending on how much you smoke. The high does creep up and get stronger eventually but you most likely won't feel paranoid. However I will say this is better suited for the seasoned veteran rather than a beginner because the effects take time and can be a lot more intense than what you initially think. for anyone who likes OG strains and appreciates the laid back body high I would definitely recommend you try this strain out! You won't be disappointed!

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Great flavor and aroma. But every time I smoked it I got a high pitch ringing in my head. It was weird.

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