Black Diamond Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 18% - 24%, CBN: 1%

Black Diamond, which is otherwise referred to as 'Black Diamond OG' and sometimes as 'Black Diamond OG Kush', is the medical marijuana strain which is bred in the Northern California region as clone-only strain. This is an indica-dominant strain and is considered as a rare strain. The THC levels of this strain range between 18 and 24%. The buds of the plant will be remarkably frosted with few of the remarkable trichomes. The buds contain orange-colored hairs which are long and thin shooting out of the denser bugs. The aroma of this particular strain is found to be earthy and musky and will be more or less like that of red wine. When the users sniff-up closer, this strain smells highly pungent. The taste would be similar to the smell and the taste of strong indica will be left in the user's throat for some time. This strain is recommended to be used as a nighttime smoke by insomnia patients as this highly sedative. This can be used for alleviating pains, muscle spasms, nausea and anxiety. Furthermore, Black Diamond tends to cause hunger in the users and hence can be used by the people who suffer from loss of appetite.
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Excellent flower; with a very unique flavor earthy, sweet, and dank. Very happy head euphoria, following up with a nice body high. Don't pass on this one.

Very nice smoke! Different for sure, smells like peppered steak! Is the initial thought, upon breaking apart and smoking was smooth with floral accents. Nice nugs too, dense fer sure:) Great high for bonus!!

Damn wasn’t expected that but but it’s fire 🔥 no doubt

Strain offers an immediate calming effect. Massively helps with insomnia but beware of the hunger (you could eat through your snack pantry).

Black Diamonds (Blackberry x Diamond OG) 24.29 THC 6/11/20 Matter Indica: Myrcene 1.39, Limonene 1.29, Linalool .38, Caryophyllene .34, Pinene .23 (T = 4.45). Reviewed by Illinoisacnnabisreview (gmail). About 20 small tight buds in an ⅛ oz. I presume these are the “diamonds,” and are aptly named. There is a modest but pleasing smell of lemon/lime, with a hint of pine. The taste is similar, with hints of lemon and a peppery nose. I did not detect a blueberry taste. It offers a strong, lasting THC high with abundant terpenes. Has a strong cerebral effect that allows mental lucidity after dosing, but it also relaxing. The terpenes offer a muddled flavor (likely due to the myrcene), but are actively experienced. (aka Black Diamond OG, Black Diamond Kush) Taste:8.5 Aroma:8.5 Bud Quality/Curing: ? Terpene: 9.0/10 High: 9.5 Overall: 94/100

I'm in Looove Soo Purple when grinded up and a Hell of A Smoke... Top 5 and I've been doing this since That Dirt pk Mexican.. 80's get ur snacks ready and Prepped No Cooking with this one

I really like it my first time buying it my first hit in the bong gave me the taste of Piney Lemon with a hint of Dank nice smooth hit we and very intense creeper buzz don’t think 5 mins in that’s all you get cuz you’ll feel the head high rise for about 2 hours ! Then on the come down you become couch locked and pass out lol or I did 😇

All I will say is.. heavy head feel, body high, chill as heck. Made my night great. Heavy hitter but really works on pain, anxiety and general relaxation. Grab it.

awesome bud was kinda skeptical at first but i was not let down

Nice bud, worthy of a taste; decent night time meds.

decent indica, would smoke later in the evening.

4 stars cuz it's something ive never come across before. Frosty nugs with a Sour fruity smell. Taste is fruity to me also. Stoned to the bone everytime. I am please with the bdog

Very potent and quick hitting. This isn't my favorite strain out there but its top 3, the speed and intensity that comes with the first hit is unreal.

Absolutely one of my favorite strains out there. It's super easy to smoke, however, it is extremely harsh on the throat, especially if you put keef with ground Black Diamond. It gave me plenty of energy while at the same time feeling really relaxed. Would recommend.

Robust, earthy, tangy, sweet, kinda like eating a lemon pie. Definitely the best weed strain grown today. I'm a pot head an this is my go to to get fracked up.

overall great buds, not super dense, excellent rolling.

Excellent!!! Always top notch !!!AAA-

It was ok. Never get it again does not seem worth it sorry just 1 old pot head talking

Taste really good, great for relaxation and stress.

one of my favourite strains pure kush taste with a bit of sweetness to it

This particular strain gets you very horny, just try it...

Bad Ass! Sweet n tasty and gives You a kick in the backside while still keeps ya moving.

I recently picked up black diamond for my back pain it's excellent,very deep body high, nice smooth head high excellent bud

I felt mellow when I used it. Totally loved it.💚

Great for appetite! ☺ It put me in a great mood, and one of the best tasteing as far as vaping goes, and I'd have to say this is one of my favorites for sure.

Best strain ever! Euphoric and relaxing!

nice all around fri night smoke

Great for my chronic back pain! Starts fast, like Blue Dream, but is more Indica dominant, so I find my self couch locked and Lazy after the initial sense of well being gradually morphs into sedation. Opiate type body high...

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