Blue Cookies Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

THC: 25% - 28%, CBD: 2%

There is some dispute over the true parents of this indica-dominant award winner: Some sources claim they're F1Durb (an indica-dominant descendant of Durban Poison) and Florida OG (a little known indica). Others say they're Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies. Whatever its origins, Blue Cookies has a sativa/indica ratio of between 10:90 and 30:70. That makes for a potent body buzz, although the sativa genes also provide an energized cerebral effect. Use this strain to treat anxiety, low mood, headaches, irritability, and persistent physical pain. Blue Cookies won the Cannabis Cup in the medical hybrid category based largely on its whopping THC content, measured at more than 28%. The record holder is still less than 30%, which means this strain is one of the strongest on the market. CBD, on the other hand, makes up less than 2% of this plant's cannabinoid content, so Blue Cookies shouldn't be used as an exclusive treatment for seizures or other health problems that respond to CBD. As the name suggests, this strain's dense nugs have a dark bluish tint, as well as a thick layer of resinous crystals on the surface. The flavor is sweet and smooth, with notes of orange, earth, and candy. The smell is sweet and reminiscent of cookies. Blue Cookies is popular on the West Coast but much harder to find in other parts of the United States.
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Dam. Spicy (painkiller), blueberry (relaxed) and the kind I smoked had a hint of cheese (happy). Really liked this strain. Looked pretty with big bluish buds. Yummy.

Some fire cant even lie. Had me euphoric at first then the mellowness set in and I was feeling completely at bliss. Also knocked me tf out.

Excellent mellow high head and body

Good for insomnia very relaxing. It's a very nice strain I give it a ๐Ÿ‘

I am 67 and a long time smoker. Blue Cookies is very good! I got an ounce and I will get it next time as well. Pain is relieved, relaxed, happy and hungry. Not harsh with good flavor and aroma. Great for insomnia!

Pretty good High from it but a little bit harsh on the throat also I feel like I get a bit of a headache with it if Iโ€™m smoking it all day

Not a fan to harsh for me and lack of flavor and buzz 1st strain I found that Im happy to try the once.โœŒ๏ธ

I wish you could give half stars. This is a very good strain particularly for pain gastric issues, anxiety, medical properties are great as with many cookies varieties. Not a couch lock for me, but helpful(Half star comment) nonetheless. I definitely recommend it. Flavor or sweet earthy citrus berry. Aroma to match. good medicine.

I rate this 5 stars because the high is super strong!! 25-29% thc is great to smoke daily. Its budget priced as well. It kills my pain instantly and very euphoric. Do si dos is almost as good imo in the cookie family

Great video n good a good feeling and stuff when you smoke it.

This is an excellent strain to have in order to diminish anxiety of any sort. I highly recommend this strain to anyone that would like to cut down on any sort of anxiety. Thanks Blue Cookies by Hanging with Jeff. You definitely know your strains Jeff.

hands down best flavor

Absolutely my favorite daily smoke! The yield is less than most strains, but I absolutely love the flavor, texture, high, etc! And it brings my crippling anxiety down to a manageable level instantly!

Taking a much-needed medication, unfortunately, that gives me gastrointestinal and nausea issues. About 3-5 minutes smoking this with half of Chem Diesel together, I was completely euphoric and all of my GI issues were gone. โœŒ๏ธ๐ŸŒฑ๐Ÿ‘

This strain is extremely potent and even veteran smokers can expect to be taken by surprise with extreme couchlock if you consume too much of this strain. Has very noticable notes of Blueberries with a touch of diesel cookies and spice. An almost straight indica, this is best enjoyed in the evening/ nightime hours. Do not blaze this in the morning and expect to get anything done. I can take aroma notes of blueberries and a sort of diesel cookie tone to it in the batch I got. Definately uplifting which is surprising for an almost pure indica.

Really good, the actual bud doesn't have a strong scent when grinded up. Its doesn't smoke too harsh. It takes about 5-10 mins for peak buzz. I love it for sure ๐Ÿ‘

Definitely a very potent bud, very strong indica but doesn't couch lock me like gdp does

Smell is delicious, like someone else said like blueberry syrup. High comes on fast, very euphoric, and last a good while. Helped me mostly with sleep and creativity. Got major munchies with this strain though.

I'm an old school 2nd generation smoker with that said, I also gave PTSD, and bipolar disorder type 1 this works for both and my aches and pains that comes with life and genetics. The best I've ever had! Long lasting, and a happy, tingling high!

works very well, i have anxiety disorder and this helps with it greatly. and loss of appetite was an added bonus

I had Evermore's Blue Cookies which is GSC x Jamacain Blueberry. It tested at 30% THCA and over 2% total terpenes!

Great high & long lasting!

Smells like blueberry syrup

Perfect if you wanna relax but not be stuck. Be ready to laugh too, and when you do finally nod off it's the best sleep ever. I vape it at 200ยฐC and the taste is amazing. You can't go wrong with this one.

A very pretty bud. The color is rich and beautifully golden green. It is fairly dense and breaks up with a little effort. Smells wonderfully berry like. The taste is rich and flavorful. Not harsh or green tasting at all. You can taste the blueberries. The effect is fast and fairly long lasting. Your body takes a hit as well your mind. Being a long time smoker this is good bud. Tasty with a kick. It will get you talking in a room of people. Treats my anxiety very well. I'd say 4.6 out of 5 in quality and effect. Between Alien OG and this, I chose this. But Alien OG ain't no slouch.

This strain will give you a unique high. It feels more like an indica but this strain will also make you think. Itโ€™s a very relaxing effect. Make sure you get Blue Cookies that are grown properly or else you will not receive that unique high. Enjoy!

Taste is lovely, the high? even lovelier <3

All around winner. As someone who suffers from bad chronic pain issues as well as manic depression and PTSD, this is a strain that helps alleviate all of those nicely. I had a toke here and there paired with a Gobstopper edible recently & that combo especially works a treat. Added an extra toke or 2 of Blue Cookies in the evening, got nicely blasted, laughed my ass off, enjoyed life and slept well too. Will deffo get this again when I see it.

This strain gives u everything... and ends In a nice nap. 10/10 would smoke again

Love the blue!!!!! Takes away shoulder pain and bitchyness lol irritability

It has a sweet earthy pungent aroma. Old world aromas.. The high is delivered by a cerebral punch (not for novices) followed by an exhilarating body slam. I

I absolutely love the sweet Blueberry taste!! WORTH Another try. Indica dominant effects

Bought this strain last night along with a free new pipe. My boyfriend and I love this strain of weed. We had a hell of a weekend and now our troubles are gone. Makes us want each other and sleep lol.

Awesome stuff especially in Canada

Definitely good for immediate relief of some pain, and I'm tingling all over. Took two tokes And I'm pretty baked! Love it.

Enjoying this itโ€™s definitely a Tasty aromatic strain with an easy inhale and exhale. I would say that this is a celebrity among its competitors based on the taste and the smoothness

Orange and blue cookies are the best I had. I put blue right under orange cookies.

Nice and Smooth. Great on pain killer and relaxation

Just picked up some BCs in Clearwater, Florida. 240/z. Very danky stanky and got me lit.

First time I inhaled this it was very head kinda felt euphoric...and I stood up and my body was tingly I rather enjoyed the effects of this strain

I'm smoking this right now it taste so good and it is very strong beautiful buds shout out to my boi in the bay area๐Ÿ’ช

Smoking blue cookies at this moment. I'm an indica guy and this is very potent. I would tell a beginner or just a lightweight would tell them just take a few hits . I'm baked already I should have I smoked a whole joint to my head and ate the roach. Nice clean high nice buds five stars.

Blue cookies is the best overall strain. If u love reg. GSC then u will rave about blue cookies. Trust me.

Blue cookies I got an ounce of blue cookies man I am very impressed with the stuff it's nice and tasty the buzz last a long time I would recommend blue cookies to anyone that is hard to impress

Great strain exvactly how its explained in all categories Scored some in dallas

Very good strain

Love this strain. One of my favorites. I was able to get the highest I've ever been without suffering from anxiety or paranoia. Both mind and body felt relax. Helped with pain and tension. Definitely made me happy, and stress free. The smooth sweet favor is great. Would highly recommend!


its in my top 5 of all time

One of the best strains ive had, taste great, smokes good and gets you higher than giraffe nostrils...

My favorite friend and best for hard hitting edibles ๐Ÿ‘ best cookie strain ever.

One word AMAZING!!!!!

Very smooth. Not harsh at all. Tasty. Sweet. Great high. I love classic blueberry so the relaxation and long lasting medication , along with the euphoric stress relief makes this a top strain in my book. Great strain for stress and anxiety.

Blue Cookies is some of the best smelling and tasting strains in my opinion. That and it's potency make it one of my favorite hybrids. With 2 of my favorite strains as parents is why I love it. Euphoria, happiness, and relaxation! Great body buzz to sit back in late evening that if wanted you can get great rest for insomnia. Highly Highly recommended!

Soft hit with great rewards. I suffer from ms and so far Alien OG is my hands down favorite strain. This might have pushed them out of that prestigious spot. Great uplifting head high with an all over deep body buzzing relaxation.

Tha best cookies. hands down

Yup no denying it on this one!

This is not for any beginner. This is for the seasoned vet that wants to be impressed. You will be. She is no joke. What a wonderful strain. It's a 6 star. Worth every penny Boooo yaaaa

A very relaxing ride very good cookie taste 5 Stars

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