Bordello Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 75% Indica / 25% Sativa

THC: 18%

Bordello is an indica dominant hybrid strain with a 75:25 indica/sativa ratio. The strain is produced by crossing Alexis and Blueberry Apocalypse. The nuggets are colorful and might not appeal to a majority of cannabis users. The smell is an exquisite blend of pine, musky, earthy and sour raspberry/blackberry aroma, whereas the taste is no different but quite pungent at the same time. The strain is one of the few which allow its users to stay clearheaded. You stay in control of your senses even though you feel as though the high will overcome you any time. The effects are calming but you will feel creative as well. Most individuals will find it easier to concentrate and focus on things, which makes it an ideal strain to medicate with during the day. You have to keep in mind that consuming too much of the strain will make you feel sleepy. That being said, the strain has plenty of medical applications and has been used on several instances to treat patients suffering from stress, chronic pains, muscle spasms and even anxiety.
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I really enjoy music and my dome feels creative and heavy at the same time. Can definitely lead to couch lock if sitting inside chilling and smoking more than a little of it. Out doors it can just make you relaxed, such as hiking, there is still a urge of energy or focus but definitely feeling faded and relaxed. Nice Body High after a littl bit. Smells like pine and some sweet fuit. Taste is very nice!

Bought this as a live resin concentrate here in Chicago. Grassroots produces it and its a top 5 concentrate strain of mine. Their flower is good but their live resin is superb. Such a unique piney sweet taste it’s unreal. 89% THC and a one of a kind taste = 5 stars all day long

Description is dead on. This flower was great for pain relief! Super relaxed body high but clear headed and not hazy

This strain snuck up on me. It was on sale at the dispensary, & I gave it a try. Really pretty, different colored leaves. Nice piney aroma. Good taste. Smooth body high. Very nice.

Kicks anxiety and pain and leaves me chatty and clear headed. I also love that it doesn't linger or have a come down. Dabbing live Resin Sugar that I found at The Health Cenver in Denver is perfect for killing pain while socializing. Currently the best pain killer that I have found ! I love it

I bought a gram here in Denver and loved it.

The Bordello purchased in Denver was some fantastic breeding. The pungent cherry zinger taste and solid buzz was excellent.

Maybe the best bang for your buck. Nothing fancy when you look at it but it packs a punch.

Like it good strain

Good medicine id defiantly try again

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