Cherry Thunder Fuck Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 23%, CBD: 1%

Cherry Thunder Fuck is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the powerful Cherry Bomb X (Maple Leaf X Matanuska Thunder Fuck) strains. This powerhouse combination of strains ends with a crazy powerful strain that hits you hard with long-lasting effects all fueled by a potent 23% + average THC level. The Cherry Thunder Fuck high zaps you almost immediately after your first sweet exhale, rocketing your mind into a heady euphoria that infuses you with a sense of focus and energy. As your mind soars through this bright lifted state, your body will slowly be overtaken by a buzzy body high that creeps up on you before suddenly taking hold with no mercy. Your heady effect will quickly become slightly stoney, numbing any mental pains while stealing away your ability to focus. Thanks to these hard-hitting effects, Cherry Thunder Fuck is said to be perfect for treating nausea or appetite loss, mood swings, and depression. This bud has an insanely delicious pungent cherry flavor and aroma with hints of rich fruity earth as the nugs are burned. Cherry Thunder Fuck buds have dense dark olive green spade-shaped nugs with rich purple undertones and matching hairs coated in tiny lavender crystal trichomes.
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CTF maybe good for others, which I don’t dispute, though for me, it’s not good at all. I have BP Type 1 with a very face paced rapid cycle, which causes me to have intense thoughts. CTF, only increases that intensity. Not helpful. There are plenty others that are helpful, so I stay away from this one.

AMAZING!!! The name says it all!! Now to find some seeds of this strain....

I tried to upload a review yesterday, but not sure if it went through...? You can tell CURALEAF put much love into developing this knockout strain...The odor of cherries and an under current of earthy basil will assault your senses upon opening the container..I got this from CARING NATURE DISPENSARY in WATERBURY, CT. under the name of SAPPHIRE, and at $35 an 8THIE, this is my new go-to strain. And unlike certain other Dispensaries here in Ct. that seem to yank this strain off its menu the same day they post it, CARING NATURE ALWAYS have this in stock. The buds are fairly good sized, dark green in color, covered in copper-colored hairs, and looks like it has been dusted w/ powdered sugar. The nugs break up nicely without the need to break out the grinder, and you'll feel the high hit you upon first exhale. It'll send your mind soaring for a good 30-40 mins. , then the buzz gets cyclical and when you think your coming down, you get donkey punched into couch-lock! Straight-away it banishes my pain consequence having spine fusion surgery some months previous, and this wonderful strain also mimics mood stabilizers and has a mild benzo-type effect and will send you off to slumber-land w/ a smile on your face...way to go CURALEAF. TOKE FOR PEACE AND GIVE YOUR MIND A CHANCE...:)

You can tell CURALEAF put much love in developing this knockout strain. I picked it up at CARING NATURE in WATERBURY, CT. under the name SAPPHIRE, and it came in at 25+% THC LEVEL! Waay pungent odor of tasty cherries w/ an under current of earthy basil...the nugs are spectacular to behold --dark green & covered w/ copper colored hairs, looks like it was dusted w/ sugar, and breaks up easily without having to use the grinder-- . The taste will blow you away w/ the first toke, and upon exhale the high hits you straight-away. Soaring head high that lasts 30 mins or so, then you'll feel your body being infused w/ a warm easy glow that is cyclical, and just as you think your coming down, you get slapped aside the head w/ another level of stoney love. THIS IS MY NEW GO-TO STRAIN, and at $35 per 8THIE one simply can not find a better strain...dispatches my pain from spine fusion surgery w/ ease, and also helps w/ mood and will give you a horrendous (but wholly welcomed) attack of the munchies. SIMPLY AMAZING...TAKE A TOKE FOR PEACE AND GIVE YOUR MIND A CHANCE...PEACE MY POT LOVING FOLK

This was bs didn't do anything

I slept like a Log last night after I medicated, didn't wake up once and that is Amazing. I wake up a couple times a night usually and I fell asleep on my back, which I normally don't do due to the pain I feel the next morning in my back and I have trouble breathing when I do. Well I did have trouble breathing and my husband pushed me onto my side and I rolled back to my back and he said he did this a couple of times and I had no clue until he told me. Anyways this strain is amazing and delicious, my pain melted away to a more tolerable level, my anxiety disappeared and NO PTSD Nightmares! Today will be the first day medicating with this strain so we will see how it handles flashbacks.

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